Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment - Abstracts

Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
A comparison of male and female clients in substance abuse treatment.HealthWallen, Lacqueline
A comparison study of treated and untreated pregnan and postpartum cocaine-abusing women.HealthSmith, Iris E., Dent, Donna Z., Coles, Claire D., Falek, Arthur
Acupuncture: new perspectives in chemical dependency treatment.HealthBrumbaugh, Alex G.
Adapting the chronic disease model in the treatment of dually diagnosed patients. (Malvern Institute, Malvern, Pennsylvania)HealthJohnson, Raymond A.
A development model of addictions, and its relationship to the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.HealthJohnson, Brian
Alcoholism in relatives of primary cocaine-dependent patients. (Brief Report)HealthSmith, James W., Frawley, P. Joseph
A multicomponent model for substance abuse treatment. (a review of drug abuse treatment at the Addiction Research and Treatment Corporation)HealthBrown, Lawrence S., Jr., Batson, Horace W., Zaballero, Arturo, Faulcon-Gray, Julia
An incest survivors' therapy group.HealthWinick, Charles, Levine, Arlene, Stone, William A.
Assessing drug abusers with the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory: a review.HealthCraig, Robert J., Weinberg, Donna
Attitudes toward mandatory human immunodeficiency virus testing and contact tracing: a survey of intravenous drug users in treatment.HealthWoody, George E., Metzger, David S., DePhilippis, Dominick, Navaline, Helen A.
Avoiding the quality assurance boondoggle in drug treatment programs through total quality management.HealthFountain, Douglas L.
Baclofen-assisted detoxification from opiates. (non-opiate treatment for opiate dependence)HealthKosten, Thomas R., Krystal, John H., Charney, Dennis S., Price, Lawrence H., McDougle, Christopher J., Aghajanian, George K.
Clinical course and outcome of substance abuse disorders in adolescents.HealthKeller, Martin B., Lavori, Philip W., Beardslee, William, Wunder, Joanne, Drs, Deborah L., Hasin, Deborah
Clinicians' self assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Clinicians' self-assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Clinicians' self-assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Clinicians' self-assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Clinicians' self-assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Clinicians' self-assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Clinicians' self-assessment: questions and answers in substance abuse treatment.HealthHirsch, Robert
Cocaine and speedball users: differences in psychopathology.HealthPena, Jose M., Malow, Robert M., West, Jeffrey A., Corrigan, Sheila A., Lott, W. Criss
Cocaine-associated violence and relationship to route of administration.HealthGiannini, A. James, Miller, Norman S., Turner, Carlton E., Loiselle, Robert H.
Common issues for parents in a methadone maintenance group.HealthGrief, Geoffrey L., Dreschler, Maritza
Conducting HIV outreach and research among incarcerated drug abusers: a casestudy of ethical concerns and dilemmas.HealthSiegal, Harvey A., Carlson,Robert G., Falck, Russel, Reece, Robert D., Perlin, Terry
Controlled use of heroin in paients on methadone maintenance treatment.HealthBianchi, Enrica, Maremmani, Icro, Meloni, Domenico, Tagliamonte, Alessandro
Crack cocaine use in a cohort of methadone maintenance patients.HealthMarmor, Michael, Friedman, Samuel R., Sotheran, Jo L., Des Jerlais, Don C., Wenston, John, Maslansky, Robert
Deaf culture and alcohol and substance abuse.HealthRendon, Marie Egbert
Decision tree for the management of substance-abusing psychiatric patients.HealthIntrator, Joanne, Allan, Edward, Palmer, Marc
Decline in intravenous drug use among treatment-seeking opiate users.HealthO'Connor, Patrick G., Schottenfeld, Richard S., O'Malley, Stephanie, Abdul-Salaam, Katurah
Demand for alcohol treatment by problem drinkers.HealthBannenberg, Augustinus F.I., Raat, Hein, Plomp, H. Nico
Differences between alcoholics and spouses in their perceptions of family functioning.HealthMaisto, Stephen A., McKay, James R., Longabaugh, Richard, Beattie, Martha C., Noel, Nora E.
Different intake procedures: the influence on treatment start and treatment response - a quasi-experimental study. (involving 200 Norwegian substance abusers)HealthVaglum, Per, Ravndal, Edle
Dimensions of adolescent drug-avoidant attitude.HealthTowberman, Donna B., McDonald, R. Michael
Drug abuse in Cuba.HealthLee, Rensselaer W.
Drug abuse treatment in prisons and jails.HealthLeukefeld, Carl G., Tims, Frank R.
Essay on spirituality.HealthWatkins, Earnest
Evaluating treatment effectiveness: changing our expectations.(Editorial)HealthMerrill, Jeffrey
Family functioning as a predictor of progress in substance abuse treatment.HealthLyons, John S., Sorensen, James L., Costantini, Maria F., Wermuth, Laurie
Fixed and dynamic predictors of client retention in therapeutic communities.HealthCondelli, Ward S., De Leon, George
Gender differences in cocaine use and treatment response.HealthRounsaville, Bruce J., Kosten, Thomas R., Gawin, Frank H., Kosten, Therese A.
Habituation and zipeprol hydrochloride during pregnancy. (Case Report)HealthSlobodkin, David, Thompson, Dorothy, Levin, Garrett, Jesurun, C. Antonio
Has Malaysia's antidrug effort been effective?HealthScorzelli, James F.
Health status of employed and unemployed methadone patients.HealthWidmen, Mindy, Lidz, Victor, DiGregorio, G. John, Platt, Arlene K., Robison, Lenore, Platt, Jerome J.
Improving treatment outcome in pregnant opiate-dependent women.HealthKosten, Thomas R., Chang, Grace, Carroll, Kathleen M., Behr, Heidi M.
Inpatient and outpatient cocaine abusers: clinical comparisons at intake and one-year follow-up.HealthRounsaville, Bruce, Budde, Douglas, Bryant, Kendall
Issues in AIDS training for substance abuse workers.HealthAshery, Rebecca Sager
Living again: family treatment at KIDS of North Jersey. (substance abuse treatment center for adolescents and young adults in River Edge, New Jersey)HealthNewton, Miller
Matching services to needs: vocational services for substance abusers.HealthSchottenfeld, Richard S., Pascale, Ralph, Sokolowski, Sharon
Maternal bereavement in the perinatal substance abuser. (Brief Report)HealthRaskin, Valerie D.
Methadone maintenance: predictors of outcome in a Canadian milieu.HealthLauzon, Pierre, Lehmann, Francois, Amsel, Rhonda
Ohio's Bill 167 fails to increase prenatal referrals for substance abuse.HealthHorrigan, Terrence J., Katz, Laura
One-year follow-up after multimodal inpatient treatment for cocaine and methamphetamine dependencies.HealthSmith, James W., Frawley, P. Joseph
On pejorative labeling of cocaine exposed children. (Editorial)HealthNeuspiel, Daniel R.
Organizational change required for paradigmatic shift in addiction treatment.HealthHamm, Frances B.
Patterns of substance use among methadone maintenance patients: indicators of outcome.HealthShaffer, Howard J., LaSalvia, Thomas A.
Prevalence of psychopathology in drug-addicted Dutch.HealthKaplan, Charles D., Limbeek, Jacques V., Wouters, Luuk, Geerlings, Peter J., Alem, Vincent V.
Psychoanalysis of a man with active alcoholism. (Case Study)HealthJohnson, Brian
Psychological treatment of anabolic-androgenic steroid-dependent individuals.HealthCorcoran, James Patrick, Longo, Elizabeth Droz Longo
Psychopathology in alcohol- and cocaine-dependent patients: a comparison of findings from psychological testing.HealthLesswing, Norman J., Dougherty, Ronald J.
Rehabilitattion from substance abuse in individuals with a history of sexual abuse.HealthChiavaroli, Tonya
Relapse prevention and the need for brief social interventions. (substance abuse treatment)HealthBarber, James G.
Safe sex behavior in drug-addicted males as a function of object relations.HealthFine, James, Juni, Samuel, Ottomanelli, Gennaro
Sexual abuse, depression, and eating disorders in African American women who smoke cocaine.(Statistical Data Included)HealthRoss-Durow, Paula L., Boyd, Carol J.
Sexual partners of substance abuse clients: strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention.HealthWermuth, Laurie
Stercoral perforation of the colon: a complication of methadone maintenance.HealthHaley, Timothy D., Long, Charles F., II, Mann, Barry D.
Swiss heroin-addicted females: career and social adjustment.HealthZimmer-Hofler, Dagmar, Dobler-Mikola, Anja
Testosterone abuse and affective disorders.HealthRashid, Wasim
The Chemical Use, Abuse, and Dependence Scale (CUAD): rationale, reliability, and validity.HealthMcGovern, Mark P., Morrison, Douglas H.
The combination of phentermine and fenfluramine reduced cocaine withdrawal symptoms in an open trial.HealthO'Brien, Charles P., Kampman, Kyle M., Rukstalis, Margaret, Pettinati Helen, Muller, Eric, Acosta, Thalia, Gariti, Peter, Ehrman, Ron
The effectiveness of treatment for substance abuse: reasons for optimism.HealthMiller, William R.
The fifth edition of the Addiction Severity Index.HealthMcLellan, A. Thomas, Metzger, David, Kushner, Harvey, Peters, Roger, Smith, Iris, Grissom, Grant, Pettinati, Helen, Argeriou, Milton
The Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic - a 30 year retrospective.(The 1995 Distinguished Lecturer in Substance Abuse)(Transcript)HealthSmith, David E.
The impact of gender on clinical characteristics and outcome in alcohol withdrawal.HealthHorwitz, Ralph I., O'Connor, Patrick G., Gottlieb, Louis D., Kraus, Mark L., Segal, Sam R.
The Iowa therapeutic community model of chemical dependency treatment.Health 
The power of language.(Editorial)HealthMiller, William R.
Therapist techniques used during the cognitive therapy of opiate-dependent patients.HealthBaranackie, Kathryn, Crits-Christoph, Paul, Kurcias, Julie S.
The stability of neuropsychological test performance in a group of parenteral drug users.HealthSano, M., Goldstein, S., Richards, M., Mindry, D., Todak, G., Stern, Y.
The treatment of substance abusers diagnosed wih obsessive-compulsive disorder: an outcome study.HealthFals-Stewart, Williams, Schafer, John
Thoughts in recovery.HealthB., Penny
Training and employment programs in methadone treatment: client needs and desires.HealthFrench, Michael T., Dennis, Michael L., McDougal, Gail L., Karuntzos, Georgia T., Hubbard, Robert L.
Treating the substance-abusing patient in the public sector: "medical necessity" versus "social necessity and social responsibility" in the Philadelphia target cities demonstration project.HealthGould, Frank, Levine, Marvin, McLellan, A.Thomas
Treatment of dual diagnosis patients: a relapse prevention group approach.HealthKosten, Thomas R., Nigam, Rajendra, Schottenfeld, Richard
Treatment of khat addiction.HealthGiannini, A. James, Miller, Norman S., Turner, Carlton E.
Treatment protocol effectiveness study: a white paper of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.(Special Report)HealthMcCaffrey, Barry
Two cases of clonidine abuse/dependence in methadone-maintained patients. (Case Report)HealthLauzon, Pierre
Use of the dementia rating scale as a test for neuropsychological dysfunction in HIV-positive IV drug users. (intravenous drug administration)HealthKaplan, Mark H., Kovner, Richard, Lazar, J. Wayne, Lesser, Martin, Perecman, Ellen, Hainline, Brian, Napolitano, Barbara
Withdrawal from methadone maintenance: impact of a Tapering Network support program. (on former heroin addicts)HealthSorensen, James L., Trier, Mella, Brummett, Stephen, Gold, Marc L., Dumontet, Roland
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