Journal of the Market Research Society 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of the Market Research Society 1992
A practical guide to better audience surveys. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessGardiner, Caroline, Collins, Martin
A small arts organisation's approach to market research. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessHinds, Nigel, Waters, Tracey
Finding out more from box office data. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessTomlinson, Roger
Inside the consumer mind: consumer attitudes to the arts. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessCooper, Peter, Tower, Rupert
Is the growing popularity of opera in Britain just another nineties media myth? Market research provides the answer. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessHodgson, Peter
Measuring the impact of the arts: the Glasgow 1990 experience. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessMyerscough, John
'Post-modern' research and the arts. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessRothman, James
Probing the potential or seriously taking the arts less seriously. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessWalshe, Peter
Research at the South Bank Centre. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessMcCart, Mike
Researching minorities. (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessWatson, Michael A.
What price entertainment? (pricing research) (Market Research and the Arts)BusinessBlamires, Chris
What the Arts Council wants from research and how it can help. (Arts Council of Great Britain)BusinessVerwey, Peter
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