Journal of the Market Research Society 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of the Market Research Society 1998
A flexible model for consumer choice in packaged goods markets.BusinessDoyle, Peter, Baltas, George
An insightful comparison of brands on an arbitrary ordinal scale.BusinessYakir, Benjamin, Gilula, Zvi
An integrated model of category demand and brand choice.BusinessBaltas, George
Assessing the effects of an advance letter for a personal interview survey.BusinessLynn, Peter, Turner, Rachel, Smith, Patten
Audiences for contemporary dance: key issues arising from a major study in Sheffield.BusinessOwen, Elizabeth, Shibli, Simon
'Bringing it all back home...' - using RDD telephone methods for large-scale social policy and opinion research in the UK. (Random Digit Dialling)BusinessNoble, Iain, Moon, Nick, McVey, Dominic
Broken down by age and sex - exploring the ways we approach the elderly consumer.BusinessLong, Nick
Cluster-based market segmentation: some further comparisons of alternative approaches.BusinessGreen, Paul E., Schaffer, Catherine M.
Comparing the response rate, response speed and response quality of two methods of sending questionnaires: e-mail vs. mail.BusinessTse, Alan C.B.
Comparison of election predictions, voter certainty and candidate choice on political polls.BusinessFlannelly, Kevin J., Flannelly, Laura T., McLeod, Malcolm S., Jr.
Exploratory results on the antecedents and consequences of green marketing.BusinessLangerak, Fred
Non-probability sampling for WWW surveys: a comparison of methods.(World Wide Web)BusinessLangerak, Fred, Schillewaert, Niels, Duhamel, Tim
Psychological issues in questionnaire-based research.BusinessKirk-Smith, Michael
Public transport: the role of mystery shopping in investment decisions.BusinessWilson, alan, Gutmann, Justin
Ratings-based versus choice-based latent class conjoint models - an empirical comparison.BusinessWedel, Michel, Oppewal, Harmen, Vriens, Marco
The application and validation of data fusion.BusinessJephcott, Jonathan, Bock, Timothy
The effect of a preliminary notification letter on response to a postal survey of young people.BusinessTaylor, Stephen, Lynn, Peter
The scope for reducing refusals in household surveys: an investigation based on transcripts of tape-recorded doorstep interactions.BusinessSturgis, Patrick, Campanelli, Pamela
The tea bag experiment: more evidence on incentives in mail surveys.BusinessHoek, Janet, Brennan, Mike, Gendall, Philip
Using computer software for the analysis of qualitative market research data.BusinessMaclaran, Pauline, Catterall, Miriam
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