Journal of the Market Research Society 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of the Market Research Society 1999
A case of response rate success.(mail survey response rate)BusinessTurley, Sophie K.
Brands - dead or alive?(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)(the changing conceptions of brands)BusinessHanby, Terry
Examining motivations to refuse in industrial mail surveys.BusinessMoncrief, William C., Baldauf, Artur, Reisinger, Heribert
From understanding consumer behaviour to testing category strategies.BusinessJohnson, Maureen
Integration of consumer and management in NPD.(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)(quality improvement and innovation)BusinessBurton, Andrew, Patterson, Simon
Mining the international consumer.(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)(qualitative research for international businesses)BusinessPawle, John
Navigating the righteous course: a quality issue.(marketing research)BusinessNancarrow, Clive, Pallister, John, Brace, Ian
People power in politics.(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)(public involvement in the decision-making process)BusinessMattinson, Deborah
Projecting the future.(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)(the Millennium's impact on consumer attitudes)BusinessCooper, Peter, Shore, Gene
The Eurowinter project: the use of market/social research methods in an international scientific study.BusinessMcDonald, Colin
The power of ethnography.(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)BusinessMariampolski, Hy
The representation of older people in advertisements.BusinessCarrigan, Marylyn, Szmigin, Isabelle
The use of secondary information published by the PRC Government.(People's Republic of China)BusinessLuk, Sherriff T.K.
Transnational consumer cultures and social milieus.(Qualitative Research for the 21st Century)BusinessUeltzhoffer, Jorg, Ascheberg, Carsten
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