Long Range Planning 1991 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1991
Brief case: shareholder dominance - time to ask if the emperor has any clothes. (corporate purpose should consider more than shareholder satisfaction)EconomicsBinney, George
Corporate environmental policy in Shell. (Royal Dutch Shell Group)EconomicsEngelshoven, Jean Marie Hubert van
Deciding manufacturing priorities: flexibility, cost, quality and service.EconomicsCrowe, Thomas J., Nuno, Jose Pablo
Developing strategic thinking in senior management.EconomicsZabriskie, Noel B., Huellmantel, Alan B.
Environmental impact analysis: a synthetic approach.EconomicsVizayakumar, K., Mohapatra, K.J.
Financial appraisal to support technological investment.EconomicsWilkes, F.M., Samuels, J.M.
IBM Japan's market-driven personnel strategy.EconomicsKuriu, Haruo
Linking IT planning to business strategy. (information technology)EconomicsGoldsmith, N.
Strategic control at the CEO level. (chief executive officer)EconomicsHarrison, E. Frank
Successful innovation through inter-company networks.EconomicsWissema, J.G., Euser, L.
The impact of Japanese plants on local labour markets.EconomicsSewell, Graham, Yu, Christina
The single market: its impact on six industries. (Single European Market)EconomicsAtamer, Tugrul
Turnaround: recognizing decline and initiating intervention. (corporate management planning)EconomicsGopinath, C.
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