Long Range Planning 1998 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1998
Benchmarking corporate headquarters.EconomicsYoung, J. David
Better than the rest: making Europe the leader in the next wave of innovation and performance.EconomicsHeracleous, Loizos
Capital budgeting in a fast-changing world.EconomicsSegelod, Esbjorn
Competing on the edge: strategy as structured chaos.EconomicsEisenhardt, Kathleen M., Brown, Shona L.
Competitive intelligence: preparing for the information war.EconomicsMcCrohan, Kevin F.
Exploring the concept of intellectual capital (IC).EconomicsRoos, Johan
How alliances are reshaping telecommunications.EconomicsKashlak, Roger J., Joshi, Maheshkumar P., Sherman, Hugh D..
Measuring the performance of the corporate centre.EconomicsPettifer, David
Reconciling Western management ideas with Far Eastern realities.EconomicsClarke, Christopher J.
Strategic planning for the millennium: resolving the dilemma.EconomicsWilson, Ian William
Strategic thinking or strategic planning?(Strategy at the Leading Edge: New Research and Conference Reports)EconomicsHeracleous, Loizos
Strategy and control in the multinational corporation: too many recipes.EconomicsTaggart, James H.
Taking AA Insurance from recovery to sustainable growth.EconomicsSmith, Barry, Judson, Sarah Boardman
The corporate culture myth.EconomicsChaharbaghi, Kazem, Newman, Victor
The new business enlightenment.EconomicsCampbell, Andrew
The SPACE Matrix: a tool for calibrating competition. (Strategic Position and Action Evaluation)EconomicsRadder, Laetitia, Louw, Lynette
Why most strategic planning is a waste of time and what can you do about it.(Brief Case)EconomicsSimpson, Daniel G.
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