Long Range Planning 1999 - Abstracts

Long Range Planning 1999
Finance and strategy: time-to-wait or time-to-market?(technology-based products)EconomicsPennings, Enrico, Lint, Onno
Is strategy making a difference?(strategy making tips)EconomicsMoncrieff, J.
Management buyouts in the public sector.EconomicsBirley, S., Frier, P.
Restructuring European supply chains by implementing postponement strategies.EconomicsCommandeur, Harry R., Van Hoek, Remko I., Vos, Bart
The growth imperative.(understanding growth as an objective of corporations)EconomicsGoold, Michael
The third question.(portfolio analysis frameworks)EconomicsSadtler, David R.
Towards a sustainable view of the competitive system.(management of supply chains)EconomicsChiesa, Vittorio, Manzini, Raffaella, Noci, Giuliano
Unleashing Cerberus: don't let your MBOs turn on themselves.(management buyouts)EconomicsAngwin, Duncan, Contardo, Ianna
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