Management Focus - Abstracts

Management Focus
Advice for night-shift managers.Business, generalHodge, John
All the right moves. (productivity improvement for insurance firms)Business, generalCloninger, Kriss, Skidmore, Si
Are you a party to a personality conflict?Business, generalPulich, Marcia Ann
Bills and coups. (tax legislation affecting the insurance industry)Business, generalVan Mieghem, Dennis P., Jordan, Joseph M.
Double exposure. (reinsurance transactions)Business, generalZucconi, Paul J.
In harm's way. (property and casualty insurance coverage)Business, generalFaber, James A.
Profit and laws. (banking and insurance industries' market domains)Business, generalYingling, Edward L.
Service breaks. (limitations to the export of U.S. services)Business, generalInouye, Daniel K.
The employee who violates company policy.Business, generalWeiss, W.H.
The facts of life. (new products in the life insurance business)Business, generalBlock, Ruth S.
Worthy adversaries. (comparable worth)Business, generalCuddy, Robert W.
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