Mass Comm Review - Abstracts

Mass Comm Review
City magazines have diverse roles.Mass communicationsHynds, Ernest C.
Ecocrisis in Nepal: the role of environmental media.Mass communicationsBurch, Elizabeth
Examining public relations news releases using the transactional theory of news.Mass communicationsRayfield, Bob, Ohl, Coral M.
Gender as a factor in newsroom managers' views on covering the private lives of politicians.Mass communicationsSplichal, Sigman L., Garrison, Bruce
Government publicity and conservation: Gifford Pinchot and the frontier press.Mass communicationsPonder, Stephen
Knowledge gap effects: audience and media factors in alcohol-related health communications.Mass communicationsZandpour, Fred, Fellow, Anthony R.
Legal limitations in the use of quotation marks.Mass communicationsEshelman, David
Mass communication and cognitive mobilization: changes in the U.S. electorate from 1952-1984.Mass communicationsHollander, Barry A.
Mass media as sources of global warming knowledge.Mass communicationsWilson, Kris M.
Perceptions of "Amerika". (US television program)Mass communicationsTsan-Kuo Chang, Perloff, Richard M., Neuendorf, Kimberly, Giles, Dennis, Jeffres, Leo W.
Science as news: the emergence and framing of biodiversity.Mass communicationsCollins, Catherine A., Kephart, Susan R.
The environment: TV news, real-world cues, and public opinion over time.Mass communicationsHester, Joe Bob, Gonzenbach, Wm. J.
The influence of the president on the news media and public agendas.Mass communicationsWanta, Wayne
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