Modern Age 1998 - Abstracts

Modern Age 1998
Choose life. (value of human life)Political scienceBurleigh, Anne Husted
Conservatives as a creative minority. (conservative movement in the 1950s)Political scienceTonsor, Stephen J.
Economics and the eirenic mind.Political scienceCampbell, William F.
Liberty: neglect and abuse.Political scienceRoshwald, Mordecai
On restoring popular self-government.Political scienceCarey, George W.
Peril or progress? Interpreting changes in family life.Political scienceChristensen, Bryce J.
Russel Kirk's political economy.Political scienceAttarian, John
The failure of American community.Political scienceChristhilf, Mark
The heretical remnant and modernist religion.Political scienceMontgomery, Marion
The Icelandic sagas and social order.Political scienceKalb, James
Truth as a democratic project.Political scienceSchall, James V.
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