Planning Review - Abstracts

Planning Review
Acquisition risk assessment and valuation.Business, generalMuller, Robert C. Statius
A faulty speedometer is no excuse. (checking the rate at which products, firms, and industries are maturing)Business, generalMartin, Howard
Business economics and corporate planning.Business, generalCasson, John J.
Case history of Frito Lay. (management at PepsiCo's largest division)Business, generalCalloway, D. Wayne
Case study: Continental Group's postmortem.Business, generalDavidson, Mike
Eight half-truths of strategic planning: a fresh look.Business, generalVenkatraman, N., Ramanujam, Vasudevan
Future mapping: a new approach to managing strategic uncertainty.Business, generalMason, David H., Wilson, Robert G.
Hot midsize companies: how their CEOs play to win.Business, generalClifford, Donald K., Jr., Cavanagh, Richard E.
Interview: G.E. = giant entrepreneur? (part III) (interview)Business, general 
Kodak's 'global factory'.Business, generalMurphy, Cornelius J.
Macroeconomic forecasting: Science or voodoo?Business, generalSmith, A. Arthur
Nailing down a future for a small wood-products business. (case study of Liberty Industries)Business, generalMigliore, R. Henry, Ringness, Ronald C.
Planning an Avon turnaround.Business, generalThackray, John
The 1985 management issues forum conducted by the Conference Board.Business, generalSchaffir, Walter B.
The 1985 political climate for international business: a forecast of risk in 82 countries.Business, generalCoplin, William D., O'Leary, Michael K.
The CEO's change agenda.Business, generalBennigson, Lawrence A., Swartz, Howard
The logic of restructuring.Business, generalThackray, John, Main, John G.
The new Union Carbide: some assembly required, batteries not included. (adapted from a speech by Union Carbide CEO Robert D. Kennedy to the Conference Board Strategic Planning Conference)Business, generalKennedy, Robert D.
The outlook for productivity growth.Business, generalTaub, Leon
The straw that stirs the drink: leadership at PepsiCo.Business, generalCalloway, D. Wayne
Xerox's productivity plan is worth copying.Business, generalKearns, David T.
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