Policy Sciences - Abstracts

Policy Sciences
A call for budget reform.Political sciencePitsvada, Bernard T.
Against policy analysis: critical reason and poststructural resistance.Political scienceSchram, Sanford F.
Ambiguity in policy discourse: Congressional talk about immigration.Political scienceChock, Phyllis Pease
Between knowledge and power: utilization of social science in public policy making.Political scienceAlbaek, Erik
Claiming races, broiler contracts, heresthetics, and habits: ten concepts for policy design.Political scienceWeimer, David L.
Closing the gap between ecosystem management and ecosystem research.Political scienceBerry, Joyce, Brewer, Garry D., Gordon, John C., Patton, David R.
Competing paradigms in policy discourse: the case of international human rights.Political sciencePal, Leslie A.
Competition in procurement. (Special Issue: Perspectives on Defense Acquisition)Political scienceLeitzel, Jim
Contending discourses in the electric and magnetic fields controversy: the social construction of EMF risk as a public problem.Political scienceLinder, Stephen H.
Economic analysis of the impact of anti-discrimination legislation based on familial status.Political scienceGoebel, Paul R., Rosenberg, Sidney B.
Environmental regulation and business 'self-regulation.'Political scienceAndrews, Richard N.L.
Equity under and state responses to the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986.Political sciencePeretz, Jean H.
Estimating OSHA compliance costs.(Special Issue: Regulatory Budgeting)(Occupational Safety and Health Administration)Political scienceJames, Harvey S., Jr.
Factors influencing state progress in the implementation of Public Law 99-457, Part H.Political scienceHarbin, Gloria, Gallagher, James J., Lillie, Timothy, Eckland, Jane
Federal health care policy and the geographic diffusion of physicians: a macro-scale analysis.Political scienceGorr, Wilpen L., Foster, Stuart A.
Getting realistic about megaproject planning: the case of the new Denver International Airport.Political scienceSzyliowicz, Joseph S., Goetz, Andrew R.
Going beyond disciplines: the meanings of interdisciplinarity.Political scienceKarlqvist, Anders
Implementing a regulatory budget: estimating the mandated private expenditure of the Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act amendments.(Special Issue: Regulatory Budgeting)Political scienceJames, Harvey S., Jr.
Implicit theories in policy discourse: an inquiry into the interpretations of reality in German technology policy.Political scienceHofmann, Jeanette
Interdisciplinarity: for what purpose?Political scienceHansson, Bengt
Inter-disciplinary contradictions and the influence of science on policy.Political scienceKeyfitz, Nathan
Interdisciplinary problem solving: the National Research Council.Political sciencePolicansky, David
Is there a key to the normative budgeting lock?Political scienceMeyers, Roy T.
Knowledge in the policy process: incorporating new environmental information in natural resources policy making.Political scienceAscher, William, Healy, Robert G.
MISTRA in context.(Sweden's Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research)Political scienceBrewer, Garry D.
MISTRA's role and some lessons learned in the first five years.(Sweden's Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research)Political sciencePersson, Goran
Modernist and postmodernist metaphors of the policy process: control and stability vs. chaos and reflexive understanding. (versus)Political scienceDobuzinskis, Laurent
National styles of regulation: child care in three countries.Political sciencePeters, B. Guy, Gormley, William T., Jr.
Needed: a smaller and very different U.S. military.Political scienceKrepinevich, Andrew F., Jr.
On budget reform.Political scienceMcCaffery, Jerry L.
Organizational meanings of program evaluation.Political scienceColebatch, Hal K.
Organizational termination and policy continuation: closing the Oklahoma Public Training Schools.Political scienceDaniels, Mark R.
Organizing for interdisciplinarity in Sweden: the case of tema at Linkoping University.(research methods at Linkoping University)Political scienceLing, Ingemar
Personal reflections on an unfinished journey through global environmental problems of long timescale.Political scienceMiles, Edward L.
Policy making and collective action: defining coalitions within the advocacy coalition framework.Political scienceSchlager, Edella
Policy networks and firm behaviors: governance systems and firm responses to external demands for sustainable forest management.Political scienceCashore, Benjamin, Vertinsky, Ilan
Practices of policy interpretation. (Editorial)Political scienceYanow, Dvora
Priest and jester in the policy sciences: developing the focus of inquiry. (Harold D. Laswell's conceptual framework for the social sciences) (Editorial) (Editorial)Political scienceTorgerson, Douglas
Public involvement methods in natural resource policy making: advantages, disadvantages and trade-offs.Political scienceAscher, William, Steelman, Toddi A.
Public policy and human dignity in Thailand: environmental policies and human values in Bangkok.(Statistical Data Included)Political scienceDaniere, Amrita G., Takahashi, Lois M.
Reconstructing policy analysis: a postpositivist perspective. (Response)Political scienceFischer, Frank
Reflections.(report from the Bergendal Conference)Political scienceBrewer, Garry D.
Reforming the federal budgetary process: a symposium commemorating the 75th anniversary of the executive budget.Political scienceThompson, Fred D.
Reframing incrementalism: a constructive response to the critics.Political scienceWeiss, Andrew, Woodhouse, Edward
Regulatory budgeting.(Special Issue: Regulatory Budgeting)Political scienceHughes, Samuel
Regulatory controls as barriers to entry in government procurement. (Special Issue: Perspectives on Defense Acquisition)Political scienceKovacic, William E.
Regulatory costs in profile.(Special Issue: Regulatory Budgeting)Political scienceHopkins, Thomas D.
Resolving the hidden differences among perspectives on sustainable development.Political scienceAscher, William
Response: toward a critical sociology of policy analysis.(response to article by Sanford F. Schram in this issue, p. 375)Political scienceForester, John
Reviving and revising a termination model.Political scienceFrantz, Janet E.
Risks, predictions and other optical illusions: rethinking the use of science in social decision-making.Political scienceRobinson, John B.
Science and social responsibility.Political scienceBrunner, Ronald D., Ascher, William
Sustainble development requires integrated approaches.Political scienceWijkman, Anders
Team-based incremental acquisition of large-scale unprecedented systems. (Special Issue: Perspectives on Defense Acquisition)Political scienceMartin, Cecil E., Hefley, William E., Bristow, David J., Steele, David Jan
Technology innovations and technology policy in Europe: new concepts, new goals, new infrastructures.Political scienceSmits, Ruud, Leyten, Jos, Hertog, Pim Den
Testing the new welfare: lessons from a survey of small business.(Statistical Data Included)(Polling Data)Political scienceLevin-Waldman, Oren M.
The challenges of interdisciplinarity.Political scienceBrewer, Garry D.
The contractual nature of budgeting: a transaction cost perspective on the design of budgeting institutions.Political sciencePatashnik, Eric M.
The ethical poverty of cost-benefit methods: autonomy, efficiency and public policy choice.Political scienceGillroy, John Martin
The increase of single parent families: an examination of causes.Political scienceBaker, David G.
The lessons of learning: reconciling theories of policy learning and policy change.Political scienceHowlett, Michael, Bennett, Colin J.
The mobilization of counter-expertise: using Fischer's model of policy inquiry.Political sciencePeterse, Aat
The promise of expertise: Walter Lippmann and the policy sciences.Political scienceGoodwin, Craufurd D.
The unintended consequences of micromanagement: the case of procuring mission critical computer resources. (Special Issue: Perspectives on Defense Acquisition)Political scienceAustin, Robert, Larkey, Patrick
Usable information for policy: an appraisal of the U.S. Global Change Research Program.Political sciencePielke, Roger A., Jr
Wildavsky on budget reform.Political scienceJones, L.R.
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