Postgraduate Medical Journal - Abstracts

Postgraduate Medical Journal
Acute ischaemic colitis due to hypotension and amoxicillin allergy.HealthPerez-Carral, C., Carreira, J., Vidal, C.
Barriers to physical activity in patients with diabetes.HealthThomas, N., Alder, E., Leese, G.P.
Darwin's Illness Revealed.(Charles Darwin)HealthCampbell, Anthony K., Matthews, Stephanie B.
Diagnosis of tuberculosis aetiology in pericardial effusions.HealthCherian, G.
Do Post-Take Ward Round Proformas Improve Communciation and Influence Quality of Patient Care?HealthThompson, A.G.
How to look after your patients by looking after yourself.HealthPersaud, R
Hyperglycaemic crises and lactic acidosis in diabetes mellitus.HealthEnglish, P., Williams, G.
Idiopathic perianal pruritus: Washing compared with topical corticosteroids.(Idiopathic perianal pruritus)HealthOztas, M.O., Oztas, P., Onder, M.
Limitations of "Pragmatic" Trials.HealthErnst, E., Canter, P.H.
Management of acute cholecystitis in UK hospitals: time for a change.HealthJohnson, A.G., Chadwick, C., Cameron, I.C., Phillips, J.
Massive pleural effusion marked increase of CA-125.HealthHussain, S.F., Grayez, J., Grigorian, A., Green, J.T.
Professional-patient relationships and informed consent.HealthMesser, N.G.
Recognition of acute illness in people with chronic neurological disability.HealthBakheit, A.M.O.
Should doctors wear white coats?HealthDouse, J., Derrett-Smith, E., Dheda, K., Dilworth, J.P.
The use of elearning in medical education: a review of the current situation.HealthChoules, A.P.
Tropical pyomyositis (myositis tropicans): Current perspective.HealthJain, S., Chauhan, S., Varma, S., Chauhan, S.S.
Use of diuretics in cardiovascular disease: (2) hypertension.HealthShah, S.U., Anjum, S., Littler, W.A.
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