Real Estate Finance Journal 2000 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 2000
A borrower's introduction to debt service coverage ratios.Real estate industryCarey, Stephen A.
A timberland primer.(part 1)Real estate industryWilson, John D.
A timberland primer.(part 2)Real estate industryWilson, John D.
Atlanta: overbuilt or underrated?Real estate industryCarr, M. Rebecca
Brownfields projects turn green in vastly improved redevelopment climate.Real estate industryBruder, Ronald B.
California licensing requirements for unregulated lenders and intermediaries.Real estate industryZerman, Michael J.
Commercial mortgage-backed securitization: key capital source for commercial real estate investment and development.Real estate industryPerel, Andrew J., Reiner, Barry P.
Commercial mortgage loan securitizations and bond insurance.Real estate industryDolan, Patrick D.
Commercial real estate secured financing: what does this loan really cost?Real estate industryCarey, Stevens A.
Coupling building design with environmental and energy-saving concerns.Real estate industryShimm, Jon
Darbin T. Skeans, CCIM, opens book on commercial real estate education here and across the world.(Interview)Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Design-build: is it a false prophecy?Real estate industryBaker, Michael J.
Determining commercial mortgage relative values: CMBS versus whole loans.Real estate industryWilliams, Jeffrey C., Wright, Kurt L.
E-commerce is here: can e-mortgages be far behind?Real estate industryRoos, Norman H.
Editor's comments.(Editorial)Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
European commercial property performance: a commentary.Real estate industryThompson, Bob
Explicit valuation of real estate lease options.Real estate industryAlbert, Joseph D., Buetow, Gerald W.
Fencing off the foxes from the hen house: towards a more secure understanding of bankruptcy code 506(c).Real estate industryHodara, Fred S., Stark, Robert J.
Flashpoints: why CMBS B-piece investors kick out loans.Real estate industryDuggins, Larry
Frank Garrison speaks on the CMBS market and the b-piece buyer.(Interview)Real estate industryKoen, Robert G.
Giving new purpose to former military sites.Real estate industryHallenbeck, Robert P., Jr.
Hedging and monetizing REIT and OP unit shares: strategies for investors seeking tax-advantaged diversification.(real estate investment trusts, operating partnership units)Real estate industryTuvin, Edward, Welch, Scott
How commercial real estate caught up with technology.Real estate industryLucas, Jay R.
How Times Square got its groove back.Real estate industryTobier, Emanuel
Increasing net profits by setting up a web page.Real estate industryVargas, Michael
Jeffrey Schottenstein speaks on the retail real estate marketplace.(Interview)Real estate industryKoen, Robert G.
Mezzanine financing and the intercreditor agreement: can we just get along?Real estate industryRosenberg, David S.
Mezzanine financing: cheap equity for the well-financed developer.Real estate industryZukerman, Michael
Mortgage web sites: presenting loan information.Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth
Multi-unit acquisition and financing.Real estate industryMonroe, Dennis L., Weller, Patricia M., Corey, Robert W.
New CMBS index aids investor.(commercial mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industryGolbin, Alex
"Next economy" real estate: the convergence of technology and real estate.Real estate industryHavala, Michael J.
Obtaining financing for brownfields sites: will your lender rave or run?Real estate industryKaplan, Jill Hyman, Bender, Rodd W., Manko, Joseph M.
Occupancy costs: a rude awakening.Real estate industryNachtwey, Peter, Jayakumar, Shan
Off-balance sheet lease financing: an overview.Real estate industrySandler, Gil
Pension fund investments in real estate: broad opportunities, important limitations.Real estate industryKoen, Robert G., Gaines, Andrew L.
Pricing RVI insured balloon bonds in credit tenant lease transactions.(residual value insurance)Real estate industryKowalsky, George M.
Real estate financial strategies for uncertain times.Real estate industryKevenides, Herve A.
REITs: will the new legislation solve old problems.Real estate industryRozenshteyn, Gary, Levinson, Samuel E.
"Reverse" like-kind exchanges.Real estate industryDeLeo, Vincenzo A., Killip, Douglas W.
Revised UCC Article 9.: its broad and varied impact on real estate finance.Real estate industryGoodman, Gary A.
Richard G. Carlson on securitization, 'smart' buildings, the virtual workplace, and more.(Interview)Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Risk, reward, and inaction: strategic investments in commercial real estate technology.Real estate industryLefkovits, Stephen
Should a higher interest rate be paid for a closing cost rebate?Real estate industryBouillon, Marvin L., West, Timothy D.
Size matters: sometimes smaller is better.Real estate industryIsakson, Hans R.
Space or service? The role of executive suites in corporate real estate portfolios and office markets.Real estate industryGibson, Virginia A., Lizieri, Colin M.
Spatial distribution of institutional real estate investments.Real estate industryMcIntosh, Willard, Liang, Youguo
Status quo is not the full story in real estate investing.Real estate industryHealey, Thomas J., Lin, Dulcie
Tax savings on multi-state loans with Florida real estate collateral.Real estate industryHartglass, Lori R.
The abstract art of lease abstracting.Real estate industrySchwartz, Michael A., Zeldin, Todd L.
The commercial real estate broker: from middleman to strategic business partner.Real estate industryUretta, Ronald
The complexity of compliance with the ADA.(Americans Disabilities Act)Real estate industryBelbusti, John M.
The future is now: the impact of the Internet on real estate services.Real estate industryBogle, Thomas W.
The hierarchy of success in construction management.Real estate industryGarrett, Darrell
The lease bond: a new approach to lease collaterization.Real estate industryWrobel, Joshua G., Ratner, Andrew D.
The millenium: are you ready for it?Real estate industryGoodkin, Sanford R.
The new economy bolsters the old economy in Latin America.Real estate industryBarthell, Jack
The renaissance of sale-leasebacks.Real estate industryWehba, C. Frederick
The sale-leaseback: an evolving real estate finance tool.Real estate industrySovak, W. Sean
Timberland: an emerging investment alternative.Real estate industryWhitaker, William M., Hess, Robert C., McIntosh, Willard
Title insurance issues for mortgage lenders.Real estate industryRothenberg, Larry R.
Trends in the real estate appraisal industry.Real estate industryBarnett, Brandon
Trenton, New Jersey: city at a crossroads.Real estate industrySchotland, Douglas R.
Useful web sites for the real estate professional: looking for jobs to looking for loans.Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Useful web sites for the real estate professional: online mortgages.Real estate industryRogers, Alan J.
Useful Web sites for the real estate professional: when time is money.Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Valuing a leasehold advantage.Real estate industryClauretie, Terence M.
Vesting and finance issues related to tax-deferred exchanges under IRC Section 1031.(Internal Revenue Code)Real estate industryDochter, Ivan, Pajonas, Todd R.
Warehouse/distribution property characteristics in the United Kingdom and the United States: a comparison.Real estate industryThompson, Bob, Black, Roy T., Warden, John T.
Workouts: a solid alternative to bankruptcy court.Real estate industryMcCann, Michael W., Cappello, A. Barry
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