Real Estate Review 1993 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1993
Abandoning the partner-ship. (Law and Taxation Topics)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
A current value measure for corporate real estate. ('real estate earnings')Real estate industryZani, William M.
Apartment market investment update.Real estate industryOharenko, John, Zink, Michael
Appraising variable rate tax-exempt bond financing.Real estate industryShlosh, David M., Pedlow, Joseph M.
Attractive real estate investment opportunities in Poland.Real estate industryGoodman, Gary A., Jostmeier, Beata I.
Averting the consequences of tenant bankruptcy.Real estate industryCherry, Edward A., Gloster, Dean M.
Balancing the pain and the gain: lender participation in workouts.Real estate industryJacobson, Kenneth M., Dlugie, David R.
Can prestige value be quantified? (Brief Article)Real estate industryShefter, Daniel
Caveat emptor or caveat broker? (liability for real estate defects)Real estate industryLeung, Jacqueline S.
Comparing apartment and office investments.Real estate industryLinneman, Peter, Gyourko, Joseph
Compensation retrospective for 1992. (Executive Compensation)Real estate industryFerguson, William J.
Compensation systems that increase the equity value of residential mortgage banks. (executive compensation) (Column)Real estate industryFerguson, William J.
Converting mortgage rates and closing costs to real interest rates.Real estate industryPoindexter, Eugene O.
Converting shopping centers into campuses.Real estate industryPilzer, Paul Zane
Corporate real estate service needs today.Real estate industryLorant, Reginald J.
Current issues in land valuation.Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Depreciation - thoughts about the cost approach. (Real Estate Appraisal in the 1990s)Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Dispute resolution in construction and real estate.Real estate industryHunter, Keith W., Hoenig, James K.
Do RICO laws threaten innocent lenders and lienholders? (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations)Real estate industryLahey, Karen Eilers, Shedlarz, Robert J.
Drums along the efficient frontier. (modern portfolio theory for real estate industry)Real estate industryYoung, Michael S., Greig, D. Wylie
Editor's Corner. (impact of statistics on real estate investors) (Editorial)Real estate industryWeinberg, Norman
Effective rent as a measure of tenant negotiating leverage.Real estate industryPosner, Kenneth A.
Employee versus independent contractor classification. (Column)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Estimating value in an illiquid market. (Real Estate Appraisal in the 1990s)Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Filing a subdivision plan on the land records.Real estate industrySimonson, Richard
Forfeiture of real estate. (Law and Taxation Topics)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Hedging interest rate risk on variable rate debt.Real estate industryAbbasi, Robert A.
How much is the business worth? (real estate partnership)Real estate industryEdmonds, Charles P., Tole, Thomas M., McCord, Sammy O.
Inadequacies of pay-for-performance systems among homebuilders. (Executive Compensation)Real estate industryFerguson, William J.
Increasing institutional investments in single-family home building.Real estate industryPugash, James Z.
Inflation, the depreciation tax shelter, and reinvestment.Real estate industryKreiser, Larry, Lu, Jennifer Yih-Ling
Instructive real estate lessons from Bugsy. (Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel and the development of the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada)Real estate industryRoulac, Stephen E.
Is central London's office market poised for recovery? (England)Real estate industrySahling, Leonard G.
Is there any cash in cash flow? ('intrinsic value' calculation)Real estate industryFiedler, Lawrence E., Petuck, Stephen
Leasing real estate in the Russian Federation.Real estate industryVerscaj, James P.
Lender responses to troubled loans.Real estate industryBliwise, Lester M., Watterson, Paul N., Jr., Denicola, Robert M.
Making a case for independent hotel operation.Real estate industryWarnick, Richard A.
Managing the cleanup of the thrift crisis. (Resolution Trust Corp.)Real estate industrySahling, Leonard
Maximizing after-tax returns in the world of passive losses.Real estate industryFellows, James A., Johnson, Linda L.
Navigating the wetlands.Real estate industrySimonson, Richard
Optimizing land use in multiuse projects. (linear programming)Real estate industryPeiser, Richard, Mouchly, Ehud
Passing back the cost of your Superfund cleanup. (Law and Taxation Topics)Real estate industryCox, Roger F.
Predicting the price of office buildings using regression models. (Real Estate Appraisal in the 1990s)Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Redesigning appraisal reports for securitized offerings.Real estate industryCrosson, Stephen T., Dannis, Charles G.
Reducing the cyclical volatility of real estate development.Real estate industryZani, William M.
Revitalizing regional malls.Real estate industryNunnick, Kevin K.
Riskless benefits from longer lease terms.Real estate industryDwyer, Philip J.
Salvaging the hotel property by Chapter 11 bankruptcy.Real estate industrySayer, Thomas P., Jr.
Searching for the bottom of the office market.Real estate industryCorcoran, Patrick J.
Selecting a property management firm.Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph S., Pacetti, Eileen
Stimulating new home sales by taking older houses in trade.Real estate industrySirmans, C.F., Guttery, Randall S.
Strong performance in single-family homebuilding.Real estate industryPugash, James Z.
Tax advantages of a split purchase partnership.Real estate industryLau, Paul C., Auster, Rolf, Cramer, Lowell J.
The at-risk rent ratio. (analyzing risk elements of cash flow projections)Real estate industryMueller, Glenn R., Crean, Michael J.
The compensation of REIT CEOs provides inadequate incentives. (real estate investment trust) (Executive Compensation)Real estate industryGolz, Gregory L.
The cumbersome RTC bid process. (Resolution Trust Corp.)Real estate industryHagan, Robert K.
The difficulties of periodic performance evaluation.Real estate industryOwens, Robert W.
The economics of nonprofit housing producers.Real estate industryHowell, Joseph T.
The elements of a real estate investor's aspired rate of return.Real estate industryFiedler, Lawrence E., Janda, Mark D.
The FDIC's and RTC's foreclosure consent and redemption rights. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.; Resolution Trust Corp.)Real estate industryBoyce, Timothy J.
The nation's portfolio of institutional-grade real estate.Real estate industryHolden, Meg Parker
The securitization of institutional real estate investments.Real estate industryGorlow, Robert M., Parr, David M., Taylor, Louis W.
The tax advantages in joint purchases.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
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