Real Estate Review 1999 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1999
A borrower's guide to doing business with a securitizing lender.Real estate industryBlumenfeld, Glenn D., Lieske, Stephen P.
Agency status and disclosure.(the status of real estate agents)Real estate industryMoore, Gary S.
"A house divided": the structure of U.S. environmental law after PMC, Inc. v. Sherwin-Williams Co.(Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act)Real estate industryHarrison, Gessner Harley
Conduit financing programs.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industryPearlman, Stephen J.
Dequity: a seamless world of real estate debt and equity.Real estate industryFieldler, Lawrence E., Lim, Amelia P.
Determinants of REIT franchise value. (real estate investment trust).Real estate industryYoung, James G.
Economic forces shaping unsubordinated ground leases: part 1: lender interests.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Economic forces shaping unsubordinated ground leases: part 2.Real estate industryHalper, Emanuel B.
Environmental liabilities as they relate to real estate: recent developments.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
Exchanging real estate assets for REIT shares and OP units.(real estate investment trusts, operating partnership)Real estate industryMcMahon, Michael, Firebaugh, Josh
Foreclosure and taxes: a problem of unlimited consequences.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
How rating agencies underwrite assets in securities pools.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industryQuinn, Bruce
Impairing the remedy of stipulated damages.Real estate industryNewman, Jeffrey H., Hempstead, Robert
Implications of the euro for the mortgage industry in the European Union countries.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryBuch, Joshua
Increasing protection of the non-debtor's rights under real estate leases.Real estate industryKupetz, David S.
Increasing the residential gain exclusion with undivided and future interests.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Measuring random appraisal error in commercial real estate.Real estate industryYoung, Michael S., Graff, Richard A.
Mezzanine and participating debt.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industryPomerantz, Alan J.
Modifying the internal rate of return method for real estate investment selection.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryOwens, Robert W., Chang, C. Edward
Monte Carlo simulation: impact of tenant size and credit quality on office building risk and return.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryYeoman, John C., Eichenblatt, David L.
Operating pension funds in compliance with ERISA procedures.(Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974)Real estate industryIesman, Stanley L.
Protecting Homebuyers: Mandatory Disclosure Versus Inspection Reports.Real estate industry 
Reacting to the 1998 market's decline.(real estate executives' compensation)Real estate industryLehnen, Loren P.
Real estate capital markets: strategies for the millenium.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industryPomerantz, Alan J.
Reverse mortgages and reverse mortgage-backed securities.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryHu, Joseph C.
Structuring real estate deals with institutional financial partners.(includes tips on negotiating financing for real estate development projects)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryPeiser, Richard
The demand for office space in an increasingly automated world.Real estate industryWinger, Alan R.
The justification for new development.(Panel Discussion)Real estate industryKessler, Richard A.
The Paired Share REIT today. (real estate investment trust).Real estate industryWalpole, Julie D.
The purpose of common improvements and their tax treatment.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
The real estate industry in 1999: a strategic commentary.(Industry Overview)Real estate industryCymrot, Allen
The recovery of the CMBS market.(commercial mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industryDiBernardo, Richard J.
The REIT industry in the next four years: a glance around the corner. (real estate investment trust).(Industry Overview)Real estate industryZell, Samuel
The revised AIA contract forms: practical implications.(American Institute of Architects)Real estate industryHerman, Mitchell Y.
The taxation of takings.(part 2)Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., McCraw, J. Harrison, Haynes, Joel B.
United States v. Wilson: a change in wetlands and Clean Water Act jurisprudence?Real estate industryBryant, James A.
Using present value analysis in underwriting loans for subdivision projects.Real estate industryOwens, Robert W.
When the levee breaks: cautionary tales for the CMBS industry. (collateralized mortgage-backed securities).Real estate industryOlasov, Brian, Aldridge, John G.
When your tenant files bankruptcy.Real estate industryKupetz, David S.
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