Real Estate Review 2003 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 2003
Accounting for costs associated with exit or disposal activities: some implications for real estate developers.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Bayou, Mohamed E.
Accounting for the impairment or disposal of long-lived assets: Implications for developers.(Financial Standards Board's SFAS No. 144 is discussed)Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Bayou, Mohamed E.
An alternative method of providing guarantees in real estate financings.Real estate industryTemkin, Harvey L., Becker, Jon D.
A proposal for changing the property tax.Real estate industryOwens, Robert W., Patton, John E.
Deferring recognition of taxable gains resulting from an involuntary conversion of real estate.Real estate industrySegal, Mark A.
Economic analysis of the industrial market in New Haven County, CT.Real estate industryBelfonti, Michael
Editor's corner.(Mortgage REITs could be safer than Equity REITs)(Editorial)Real estate industryKahr, Joshua
Mold litigation: avoidable or inevitable?Real estate industryParker, Bruce R., Marshall, Stephen E.
Reporting goodwill: The effects of new accounting standards on the real estate industry.(Financial Accounting Standards Board's SFAS No. 141 and SFAS No. 142 are discussed)Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
Tax savings opportunities for sales of residential real estate.Real estate industryHiggins, Mark, Church, Lisa, Matoney, Joe
The growth of the biotechnology industry in the New Haven, CT MSA.Real estate industryArmstrong, Naja R.
The Philadelphia story: diverging market and submarket conditions.Real estate industryCutrufello, Antonio
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