Real Estate Review 2004 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 2004
Accounting for costs associated with exit or disposal activities: some implications for real estate industry.(Financial and Accounting Standards Board, Statements of Financial Standards (SFAS) No.146)Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
A local market analysis requires an estimate of the economic base.(Economic Base Analysis)Real estate industryEpley, Donald R.
Are "hot" commercial real estate markets a thing of the past?Real estate industryWinger, Alan R.
Characteristics of the U.S. commercial real estate agent.Real estate industryEpley, Donald
Considering changing the property taxation system.Real estate industryQuinn, Norman J., III, Turner, David R.
Current Deduction or Capitalization: certain issues in cost classification.Real estate industrySegal, Mark A.
Discounted cash flow analysis: line item interaction effects.(variable operating expenses)Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph S.
Drivers for development: City of London office market.Real estate industrySieracki, Karen
Dynamic office markets: opportunities during the recovery phase.Real estate industryConner, Philip
Editor's Corner.(real estate industry forecast)(Editorial)Real estate industryJoshua Kahr
Emergence and decline: a comparison of the Shanghai and Hong Kong Economics.Real estate industryRerkkriangkrai, Wanlapa
Five country case study: Armenia, Croatia, Moldova, Russia, South Africa.Real estate industryEckert, Joseph K.
Helping real estate developers better account for guarantees and other financial obligations.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Bayou, Mohamed E.
Industry and urbanization in Southern California, 1900-1950.Real estate industryHise, Greg
Internet reduces the time before lease-up or sale of office properties.Real estate industryDermisi, Sofia V.
New auditor's responsibilities for detecting fraud: some implications for real estate developers.(Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 99 )Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Miller, Cathleen L.
Office market demand analysis.Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph S.
Segue-the REIT transition to strategic compensation decisions.(Real estate Investements Trusts)Real estate industryWright, James B.
The ABCs of asset management.Real estate industryGlickman, Henry
The Enigma of the stability of the cap rate.Real estate industryShilton, Leon
The future of lodging in Palm Beach County, Florida.Real estate industryGoldman, Seth
The impact of the usury statutes on mortgage agreements relating to pre- or post-judgment interest.Real estate industryBowmar, Robert H.
The varying seasonality of house prices.Real estate industryAnthony Yanziang Gu
Value of the option to develop residential land: an empirical estimate.Real estate industryGu, Anthony Yanxiang, Cannaday, Roger E.
Wearing two hats at once: buyout transactions between real estate joint venture partners.Real estate industrySimkin, Steven, Lauredo, Manuel E.
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