Real Estate Review 2006 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 2006
Accounting for income tax uncertainties: a step towards financial transparency.Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
An overview of the status of current federal litigation against alleged realtor antitrust practices.Real estate industryFong, Patrcik
Application of the Antiquities Act of 1906.Real estate industryVan Arsdale, Barbara J.
Appraising schools and colleges.(real estate appraisal)Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Burton, James H.
Dealing with the financially marginal contractor.(mechanics' lien)Real estate industryHess, Stephen A., Borges, Kent H.
Landlord-tenant update.Real estate industryDougherty, Frank
Memo from architects and contractors to architectural critics in the media: designing and constructing a building is not as easy as it looks.Real estate industryShapiro, Steven G.
Real estate brokerage and antitrust enforcement: the FTC condemns new MLS restraints on exclusive agency listings.Real estate industryRoberti, John
Real property yield rates and the tax liability.Real estate industryEpley, Donald
Residential mortgage origination fees: historical trends and analysis.Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth L.
Satisfaction levels of job related variables of real estate property management professionals.Real estate industrySmith, Charles A., Pointer, Lucille, Goff, Brent
Swamp thing: Rapanos emerges from the mire.(John A. Rapanos)Real estate industryBobertz, Bradley C.
The most powerful marketing tool for the contractor? Understanding the fundamentals of real estate development.Real estate industryShapiro, Steven G.
Two construction accidents lead to an important ruling on the rights of illegal immigrants in New York.Real estate industryTeegarden, Henry D.
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