Real Estate Review 2007 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 2007
"All appropriate inquiry" regulations under CERCLA for the protection of innocent landowners.(protection of innocent landowners, bonafide purchasers and contiguous owners from liability for removal of hazardaous waste from polluted property under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act)Real estate industryHess, Stephen A., Brandt, Christopher M.
A new framework of community engagement.(during entitlement process of a project)Real estate industryQuill, Lee
Building for the creative class.(live/work housing)Real estate industryJackson, Tania B., Klaiber, Julia
Construction and application of "public use" restriction in Fifth Amendment's Takings Clause - United States Supreme Court Cases.(interpretation of the Takings Clause in the Fifth Amendment of the American constitution, based on judjements of the United States Supreme Court)Real estate industryBuchwalter, James L.
Court blocks implementation of ordinance aimed at landlords who rent to illegal aliens.Real estate industryBower, Carolyn
Current problems with the subprime mortgage market.(Park Place Realty Corporation)Real estate industryCole, Melvin C.
DLA Piper 2007 "State of the Market" Real Estate Survey and Real Estate Summit Recap.(7th Global Real Estate Summit)Real estate industry 
Does the enforcement of a self-storage facility lien implicate due process?(judgements of the First District Appellate Court of Illinois on the exercise of lien by lessors of self-storage facilities)Real estate industryHughes, Gary A.
Final production activity deduction regulations favor the construction industry.Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Lynch, Nicholas C., Herring, Clyde
Historical variations in mortage origination fees.(Report)Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth L.
Landlord-tenant update.Real estate industryTeegarden, Henry D.
Landlord-tenant update.Real estate industryTeegarden, Henry D.
Landlord-tenant update.(Rosario v. Diagonal Realty)(Namphy v. Sheffield)(Murphy v. 75 Oxford Street)Real estate industryTeegarden, Henry D.
Landlord-tenant updates.(interpretation of American laws on property lease agreements between landlords and tenants)Real estate industry 
LEED certification: overview and trends for the future.(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)Real estate industryWatchman, Laura H.
Lessons from the field - strategies and partnerships for preventing and reclaiming vacant and abondoned properties.Real estate industryLeonard, Jennifer R., Schilling, Joseph M.
More than meets the eye: transparent security for commercial buildings.(Report)Real estate industryGuidry, Krisandra
New York's high court requires county clerks to record MERS mortgages, assignments, and discharges.(Merscorp Inc.)Real estate industryWilliamson, Brenda M.
OPIC: encouraging U.S. private sector investment in emerging markets housing.(Overseas Private Investment Corporation)Real estate industryIeronimo, Anthony
Pension accounting: new requirements for the real estate industry.(Employers' Accounting for Defined Benefit Pension and Other Post Retirement Plans)(Report)Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
Remedies for nuisance may include damages for diminution of rental value and cost of fence which only partially abates nuisance.(interpretation of laws governing the development of residential real estate by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts)Real estate industryKatz, Eliot J.
Sales of real estate investments for a loss: tax considerations.(interpretation of American laws on taxation of real estate investments)Real estate industryFellows, James A., Yuhas, Michael A.
Structuring the sale of an employee's home under an employee relocation program.Real estate industryBird, Bruce M., Segal, Mark A.
Technology, change, and the building industry.Real estate industrySabol, Louise
Texas land market developments.Real estate industryGilliland, Charles E
The ability of cooperatives to terminate the proprietary lease of an "objectionable" lessor.(interpretation of American laws on the eviction of "objectionable" lessees by cooperatives)Real estate industryMattson, Rebecca A.
The fair value opinion: new opportunities for the real estate industry.(Fair Value Option for Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities)(Report)Real estate industryReinstein, Alan, Lander, Gerald H.
The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act: implications for counsel representing associations and homeowners.Real estate industryCraig, Brian
The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act: 'You can't zone god....'Real estate industryMcNulty, Molly
Turning assets into value: leveraging federal real property.Real estate industryWhitaker, Joseph W., Selman, John, Curtin, Jennifer
Validity, construction, and application of School Impact Fee Statutes or Ordinances.Real estate industryLeFaivre, Michael L.
When local churches secede: resolving property disputes in New York between local churches and their parent denominations.Real estate industryHughes, Gary A.
Ye olde protests: political signs in historical districts.Real estate industryBremer, William D.
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