Signal Forces Communications & Electronics Association - Abstracts

Signal Forces Communications & Electronics Association
Britain shapes military forces for maritime power projection.Business, generalRobinson, Clarence A., Jr.
Commercial satellite constellation offers potential military benefits.Business, generalBarrett, Danelle
Downsizing trend continues.Business, general 
Firm taps university know-how.Business, general 
Germany opts for triad approach in new tactical radio system.Business, generalFirlie, Michael E.
Global Positioning grows.Business, general 
Joint laboratory planned.Business, general 
Laboratory scientists close in on laser missile mauler.Business, generalAckerman, Robert K.
Marines' precise Dragon Fire rains deadly steel against distant targets.Business, general 
Military ups computing power.Business, general 
Rivals stretch thinking to tackle next-century battlefield demands.Business, generalBrown, David A., Lawlor, Maryann
Surveillance soars.Business, general 
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