Space Policy 1993 - Abstracts

Space Policy 1993
An Integrated National Space Program: an executive summary. (edited version of report submitted by Expert Panel)Business 
A reappraisal of the Space Shuttle Programme. (need for smaller programmes and better Congressional evaluation)BusinessPielke, Roger A., Jr.
Astromedicine and astrolaw: emerging issues for advanced missions beyond earth orbit.BusinessGarshnek V.
China's communication satellites and their benefits.BusinessZhu Yilin
China's space commercialization effort: organization, policy and strategies.BusinessYanping Chen
Commercial spaceports - a window of opportunity?BusinessRadzanowski, David
Do long-term space plans meet the needs of the Mission to Planet Earth.BusinessNielsen, Christine, Werle, Dirk
Educating Europe - finding the best way.BusinessArthur, Richard
Germany's future role in ESA.BusinessGrillo, Wolfgang
Getting it right for Mars. (Mars exploration project)BusinessJasentuliyana, N.
Global remote sensing programmes, global science, global change: an Australianperspective.BusinessHarris, Graham
Is it time to create a World Space Agency?BusinessPedersen, Kenneth S.
Lack of a coherent policy. (reaction to the Education Remote Sensing Conference '92)BusinessArthur, Richard
Legal regulation of space activities in Russia.BusinessKamenetskaya, E., Vereshchetin, V., Zhukova, E.
National subsidies in the international commercial launch market.BusinessLai, Bill C.
Public views of using nuclear energy sources in space missions.BusinessFischhoff, Baruch, Maharik, Michael
Remote sensing and strengthening European security.BusinessHeintze, Hans-Joachim, Wallner, Jorg, Hounam, David, Nowak, Manfred
Sketches in space law.BusinessCarnett, Carol L.
Space exploration in China.BusinessZhu Yilin
Space policy for the new US administration. (the need for conference on space enterprise at the White House)BusinessHarris, Philip R.
Space technology in developing nations: an assessment.BusinessRao, U.R.
The aerospace plane: its legal and political future.BusinessChristol, Carl Q.
The space risk and commercial space insurance. (includes history and legal framework of commercial space insurance)BusinessKuskuvelis, IIias I.
Where next in the US space programme?BusinessLogsdon, John M.
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