Space Policy 1996 - Abstracts

Space Policy 1996
A brief history of Baikonur.(launch site of Sputnik in Kazakhstan)BusinessVillain, Jacques
A forward plan for space in the UK. (excerpts from plan for UK government's civil space program)Business 
A methodology to determine the sociopolitical forces influencing lunar development policies.BusinessKoelle, H.H.
An international relations perspective on the consequences of SETI.(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)BusinessGalloway, Jonathan F.
Bringing it all back HOME - a new approach to space advocacy.(Harvesting Opportunities for Mother Earth)BusinessGarver, Lori
Commercialization of space activities: legal requirements constituting a basic incentive for private enterprise involvement.BusinessTraa-Engelman, Hanneke L. van
Current status of the Russian space programme.BusinessTarasenko, Maxim V.
Defining a European space research policy: the role of the European Space Science Committee.BusinessBecker, F., Worms, J.C.
Evaluating the benefits from space technology.(thoughts on a Swedish study)BusinessHansson, Anders
Evolution of executive branch space policy making.BusinessVedda, James A.
Fast-track development of space technology in China.BusinessZhu Yilin
Forecasting the next major thrust into space.BusinessCordell, Bruce
Future Italian space policy.BusinessReibaldi, Giuseppe G.
International cooperation - how to proceed. (to maximize benefits from space activities)BusinessFuhrman, Robert A., Wild, Jurgen H.
Modeling international cooperation for space exploration.BusinessLester, James P., Sadeh, Willy Z., Sadeh, Eligar
Monitor.(new space research institute founded)Business 
Policy perspectives from the UN international conference on near-Earth objects.BusinessRemo, John L.
Private, state and international public interests in space law.BusinessFilho, Jose Monserrat
Prospects for Euro-Indian space cooperation.Business 
Resources of free space vs. flags and footprints on Mars: an examination of the competing paradigms for human space exploration and development.BusinessMaryniak, Gregg E., Boudreault, Richard
Russian space commercialization - getting the banks involved.BusinessKhozin, Grigori S.
Space and the fate of humanity.(space technology and management of earth)BusinessCreola, Peter
Space visions from a new generation.BusinessFriedl, Lawrence, Conger, John
The European contribution to a global civil navigation satellite system.BusinessHartl, P., Wlaka, M.
The future of the European space industry.BusinessHansson, Anders
The Global Positioning System: policy issues for an information technology.BusinessPace, Scott
The role of law with respect to future space activities.BusinessDunk, Frans G. von der
Understanding strategic decision making in the context of international space activities.BusinessDawson, Sandra, Da Fonseca e Silva, Rozane
US government policy - the major factor shaping the international commercial space launch marketplace.(Douglas Heydon, President of Arianespace, Inc.)(Transcript)Business 
Watersheds in the modern world: the space viewpoint.(changing trends in space activity)BusinessDe Montluc, B.
Women's place in space exploration.BusinessSykora, J., Solcova, I., Dvorak, J., Polankova, M., Tomecek, A.
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