Space Policy 1998 - Abstracts

Space Policy 1998
A historical perspective on space.(Space Age)(Column)BusinessMartin-Smith, Michael
American space hegemony: accident or design? (comment on John Logsdon, Space Policy, Nov 1997)BusinessLawrence, Philip, Hansson, Anders
An international look at global navigation satellite systems.BusinessGibson, Roy, Barnes, Richard J.H.
Bridging space and society with technology transfer.Business 
Collective trusteeship for near space: the case for UNNESA. (UN Near Earth Space Administration)BusinessDietrich, George B., Goldstein, William C.
Commercializing the International Space Station: current US thinking.BusinessLogsdon, John M.
Competitiveness of the European space industry. Lessons from Europe's role in NATO. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)BusinessZervos, Vasilis
Disaster assessment and satellite communication: on the threshold of a new era.BusinessGarshnek, V., Shinchi, K., Burkle, F.M. Jr.
Expanding global access to civilian and commercial remote sensing data: implications and policy issues.BusinessTahu, George J., Baker, John C., O'Connell, Kevin M.
Future spacelift projections.BusinessJohnson, R.F., Smith, P.L.
Helios 2 - myth or reality?BusinessMcLean, A., Swankie, A.
Implications of previous space commercialization experiences for the reusable launch vehicle.BusinessWilliamson, Ray A., Obermann, Richard M.
Inflection points in the development of energy in space.BusinessBoudreault, Richard
International coordination in the era of faster, better, cheaper.BusinessShaffer, Lisa R.
Missions to the outer solar system and beyond.BusinessHansson, A.
Policy issues in communicating with ETI.(extraterrestrial intelligence)BusinessMichaud, Michael A.G.
Protecting the space environment: are we doing enough?BusinessWilliamson, Mark
Remote sensing in the information age.BusinessAbiodun, Adigun Ade
Remote sensing of Earth resources: emerging opportunities for developing countries.BusinessGeorge, Hubert
Satellite communications and the Internet: implications for the outer space treaty.BusinessMartinez, Larry F.
SETI and the law: what if the search succeeds? (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences)BusinessLyall, Francis
Space Agency Forum prepares UNISPACE III.(Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space)BusinessSchrogl, Kai-Uwe
Space tourism: a response to continuing decay in the US civil space financial support.BusinessRogers, Tom
Teaching space politics and policy: an overview and evaluation of student attitudes.BusinessLester, James P., Sadeh, Willy Z., Sadeh, Eligar
Technology control regimes and the globalization of space industry.BusinessAldrin, Andrew J.
Teledesic - the beginning of the space infrastructure of the future. (Teledesic Corp)BusinessHansson, Anders
The origin of the smaller, faster, cheaper approach in NASA's solar system exploration program.BusinessRoy, Stephanie A.
Thoughts on European GNSS options.(Global Navigation Satellite System)BusinessKries, Wulf von
US-European collaboration in space science.Business 
Why space science and exploration benefit everyone.BusinessFriedman, Louis, Logsdon, John, Ocampo, Adriana
Will space run out of space? The orbital debris problem and its mitigation.BusinessRex, Dietrich
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