Teddy Bear and Friends - Abstracts

Teddy Bear and Friends
All in the family.(Grisly Spielwaren teddy bear company)Hobbies and craftsDiaz, Katacha
And they're off!(miniature bear artist Janet Desjardine)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
An experiment in style.(teddy bear design)Hobbies and crafts 
Animal Firm: Marc Tyler and Heidi Snyder make picture-perfect animal stars for the silver screen.Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
Announcing the 2001 TOBY nominees/Industry's Choice winners.(Teddy Bear Of the Year)(Cover Story)Hobbies and crafts 
As fate would have it. (teddy bear designer Mary Lou Foley).(Interview)Hobbies and craftsDunrea, Olivier
A sticky situation.(Web site design)(Column)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Back to school online.(online teddy bear making classes)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Bear affairs.(teddy bear shows)Hobbies and crafts 
Breaking the mold.(bear artist Royale Downes)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWilliams, Greg
Bruins 'n buddies.(books)(Bibliography)Hobbies and crafts 
Candi confections: Candi's dainty bear concoctions are sweets for the soul.(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
Christmas in paradise.(teddy bear artist Mary Daub)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Collector Club Digest.Hobbies and craftsPraytor, Shirley
Country wisdom.(teddy bear maker Peggy Fleming)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsShelton, Billie
Diana's comfort: teddy bears accompany Dana Palomba through good times and bad.Hobbies and craftsRohland, Pamela
Dizzy with creativity.(teddy bear artist Eleonore Unkel-Schaufelin)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
Edinburgh Imports.(Company Profile)Hobbies and crafts 
Fair Chuckle share the fantasy. (teddy bear label).Hobbies and craftsAmore, Jane
Family matters.(teddy bear making families)Hobbies and craftsFinnegan, Stephanie
Friends.(stuffed animals)(Buyers Guide)Hobbies and crafts 
Gandhi and a teddy bear.(teddy bear artist Joanne Oh)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Going, going, gone! How to buy at online auctions.(buying teddy bears)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Good work, good bears!(new bear by Merrythought)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
Great friends in miniature.(Gerda Van't Veer and Judith Schnog)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
Haida.(Haida Supplies teddy bear supply company)(Company Profile)Hobbies and crafts 
Heart-felt expressions.(teddy bear artist Anne McFeeters)Hobbies and craftsBirtolo, Janina
IDEX.(2001 trade show)Hobbies and crafts 
In case of emergency, click.(online support groups)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Intercal.(Intercal Trading Group)(Company Profile)Hobbies and crafts 
Life without boundaries.(teddy bear artist J.Wells)Hobbies and craftsBales, Jack
Making a bunny.(stuffed toy project; includes pattern)Hobbies and craftsHaughey, Joyce
Making Benjamin.(teddy bear project)Hobbies and craftsKlay, Linda
Making Dusty.(teddy bear project)Hobbies and craftsWoods, Terry John
Making Elmo, Santa's helper.Hobbies and craftsReichard, Joyce
Making Mandy.(miniature bear pattern)(Interview)(Technical)Hobbies and craftsKeyes, Lynda Kunz
Making ring-a-ling St. Nick.Hobbies and craftsKilby, Kelli
Making ThunderPaws.(teddy bear project)Hobbies and craftsBlock, Elke
Miracles in miniature.(tiny Teddy Bears)(Cover Story)(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Modern English classics. (teddy bear entrepreneur Karl Gibbons).Hobbies and craftsAmore, Jane
Mohair: in the teddy bear world, mohair is the medium.Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
Out of the cupboard and into the world.(teddy bear designer Elizabeth Lloyd)Hobbies and craftsKresge, Kim
People often ask me if I'm a Teddy Bear collector.(Editorial)Hobbies and craftsKinsey, Mindy
Piecing it all together.(teddy bear artist and quilter Linda Klay)Hobbies and craftsRohland, Pamela
Pioneers: a teddy bear quilt.Hobbies and craftsGreene, Joan
Pioneers: the pioneers, collecting tales.Hobbies and craftsGreene, Joan
Real bears need love, too.(The Bear Forest Internet Auction 2000)Hobbies and crafts 
Recipe for success.(soft-toy maker Gund's relatively new division, Barton's Creek Collection)Hobbies and craftsBirtolo, Janina
Seeing time in a cat's eye.(Karen Lyons' soft sculptures)Hobbies and craftsDolan, Thomas G.
Silver bears.(collectible teddy bear items)Hobbies and craftsKlein, Phyllis L.
Spare Bear Parts.(Company Profile)Hobbies and crafts 
Spring housecleaning online?(Cybearspace: The Online World of Teddy Bears)(Column)(Directory)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Tales of The Three Bears: learn the story - and history - behind the classic children's tale.Hobbies and craftsPraytor, Shirley V.
Teddy Bear Museum opens in Korea.Hobbies and craftsHockenberry, Dee
Teddy bears with expression.(teddy bear maker MaryAnn Wills)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsDiaz, Katacha
Teddy bear update.(Column)Hobbies and crafts 
Teddy bear update.(Teddybaer Total show)Hobbies and crafts 
Thanks for the memories heirloom fur bears. (includes information on caring for fur bears).Hobbies and crafts 
The April Phipps collection.(teddy bear collection)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The Beth Clark Collection.(Bears Repeating)(Column)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The Elder collection.(Patricia and Dennis Elder)(Bears Repeating)(Column)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The first two years of Jaymar Creations.(teddy bear business)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
The happy delights of a small world: Becky Wheeler's bears are actors in tiny vignettes.(Cover Story)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
The Harkrider collection.(teddy bear collection)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The intuitive art of Brigitte Gadient.(teddy bear designer)Hobbies and craftsPalka, Kurt
The Meeneghan collection.(teddy bear collection)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The Pennsylvania Teddy Bear Project.(Cybearspace: The Online World of Teddy Bears)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
The Reggie Price collection.(teddy bear collection)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The Sue Lennberg collection.(teddy bear collection)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
The Vruwink Collection.(Bears Repeating)Hobbies and craftsMichaud, Terry, Michaud, Doris
Tiddely poms for Pooh: the world's favorite bear is celebrating his 75th birthday.Hobbies and craftsPraytor, Shirley V.
Valley of roses.(Illustration)(Poem)Hobbies and craftsHo Phi Le
Walt Disney World Teddy Bear and Doll Convention.(Teddy Bear Update)(Column)Hobbies and craftsVan Gelder, Els
What a pair: Patty Duke and Ann Inman-Looms.Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
What's new online.(Cybearspace: The Online World of Teddy Bears)(Column)Hobbies and craftsClay, Marianne
Whimsicuddles.(collectible toy designer Jacquelie Wright's)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsStevens, Lauran
Who's who in bear making.(Special Advertising Section)(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Wild inside.(teddy bear designer Leeann Snyder)(Interview)Hobbies and craftsWood, Scott
William J. Terry bears.(Teddy Bear Price Guide)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHockenberry, Dee
Young at heart.(The Dean's Company)(Cover Story)Hobbies and craftsBirtolo, Janina
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