The Journal of Asian Studies 1992 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 1992
Cecil Hobbs (1907-1991). (formerhead of the Southern Asia Section of the Library of Congress) (Obituary) (Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesTsuneishi, Warren
Contours of revolutionary change in a Chinese county, 1900-1950.Regional focus/area studiesSchoppa, R. Keith
Electronic pageantry and Japan's "symbolic emperor."Regional focus/area studiesFujitani, Takashi
Iranians abroad: intra-Asian elite migration and early modern state formation.Regional focus/area studiesSubrahmanyam, Sanjay
Minor Lee Rogers (1930-1991). (specialist on Japanese Buddhism) (Obituary) (Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesJeans, Roger B., Aquino, Belinda A.
Presidential address: questions about China's early modern economic history that I wish I could answer. (Transcript)Regional focus/area studiesFeuerwerker, Albert
Proto-industrial origins of Japanese capitalism. (Japanese economy in 18th and 19th centuries)Regional focus/area studiesHowell, David L.
Squaring accounts: commercial bookkeeping methods and capitalist rationalism in late Qing and Republican China.Regional focus/area studiesGardella, Robert
The state, modernity and the fate of liberalism in prewar Japan. (politics in prewar Japan)Regional focus/area studiesHoston, Germaine A.
Unraveling the myth of the subsistence economy: textile production in nineteenth-century northern Thailand.Regional focus/area studiesBowie, Katherine A.
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