The Journal of Asian Studies 1993 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 1993
Charles W. Lindsey III, 1942-1992. (Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesWurfel, David
Chinese ideographs and western ideas.Regional focus/area studiesHansen, Chad
Communications to the editor. (response to letter by Young-tsu Wong, The Journal of Asian Studies, Aug 1992) (Letter to the Editor)Regional focus/area studiesKwong, Luke S.K.
Communications to the editor. (response to response by Luke Kwong in this issue, p. 401) (Letter to the Editor)Regional focus/area studiesYoung-tsu Wong
Hindu eschatology and the Indian caste system: an example of structural reversal. (the end of time)(relationship between Hindu philosophy and caste system)Regional focus/area studiesMilner, Murray, Jr.
Indian art objects as loot.Regional focus/area studiesDavis, Richard H.
Monks and miracles: religious symbols and images of origin among Osval Jains.Regional focus/area studiesBabb, L.A.
Patterns of cousin marriage in rural Zhejiang and in 'Dream of the Red Chamber.'Regional focus/area studiesCooper, Eugene, Meng Zhang
Political theology: text and practice in a Dalit Panther Community. (political party comprising of Maharashtrian ex-untouchables )Regional focus/area studiesContursi, Janet A.
Ramayana and political imagination in India. (Hindu epic 'Ramayana')(influence on Indian politics)Regional focus/area studiesPollock, Sheldon
Sui Yangdi and the building of Sui-Tang Luoyang. (Chinese emperor; one of the famous cities of medieval China)Regional focus/area studiesXiong, Victor Cunrui
The Buddhist mythmaking of defilement: sacred courtesans in medieval Japan.Regional focus/area studiesMarra, Michele
The politics of adulation: cinema and the production of politicians in South India.Regional focus/area studiesDickey, Sara
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