The Journal of Development Economics - Abstracts

The Journal of Development Economics
Argentina and the world capital market: saving, investment, and international capital mobility in the twentieth century.EconomicsTaylor, Alan M.
Capital flows and saving in Latin America and Asia: a reinterpretation.EconomicsReinhart, Carmen M., Talvi, Ernesto
Comparison of Turnpikes with Consumption Maximising Sectional Growth Paths for Jamaica, 1957-71.EconomicsDe Castro, S.
Credit Policy, Inflation and Growth in a Financially Repressed Economy.EconomicsVan Wijnberger, S.
Development and Distribution: A Critique of the Cross-Country U Hypothesis.EconomicsSaith, A.
Discount rate heterogeneity and social security reform.EconomicsSamwick, Andrew A.
Domestic savings, public savings and expenditures on consumer durable goods in Argentina.EconomicsMurphy, Ricardo Lopez, Navajas, Fernando
Dynamics of Trade Liberalization Policy.EconomicsAizenman, J.
Earnings Functions for the Self-Employed.EconomicsHenderson, J.W.
Efficiency Differentials Favouring Resource-Based Industries.EconomicsAlam, M.S.
Environmental Policies in Developing Countries.EconomicsLee, J.K., Lim, G.C.
Fredonia.EconomicsSeiver, D.A.
Government Intervention in Food Grain Markets.EconomicsGerrard, C.D., Roe, T.
Inflation, Growth and Wage Policy.EconomicsLopes, F.L., Bacha, E.L.
Military Expenditure, Spin-off and Economic Development.EconomicsDeger, S., Sen, S.
Multinational Firms Globe Strategies, Host Country Indigenisation of Ownership and Welfare.EconomicsKatrak, H.
Multinationals in Indian Big Business.EconomicsLall, S., Mohammad, S.
On the Dynamic Instability of Induced-Migration Unemployment in a Dual Economy.EconomicsBartlett, W.
Rejoinder on W. Gillen and A. Guccione Faini's "Increasing returns, migration and convergence: permanent versus temporary migration.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsFaini, Riccardo
Reply to Tran-Nam Binh and Mark McGillivray, 'Foreign aid, taxes and public investment: a comment.' (response to Tran-Nam Binh and Mark McGillivray, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 41, p. 173, June 1993)EconomicsGang, Ira N.
Saving determinants in Colombia: 1925-1994.EconomicsCardenas, Mauricio, Escobar, Andres
Savings in Chile. What went right?EconomicsMorande, Felipe G.
Short-Run Rigidities and Long-Run Adjustments in a Computable General Equilibrium Model of Income Distribution and Development.EconomicsBourguignon, F., Michel, G., Miqueu, D.
Social Articulation as a Condition for Equitable Growth.EconomicsDejanvry, A., Sadoulet, E.
The political economy of public savings and the role of capital mobility.EconomicsPowell, Andrew, Aizenman, Joshua
Traded and Non-Traded Goods, An Empirical Test with Nigerian Data.EconomicsMonke, E.
Wages, Minimum Wages and Income Distribution in Brazil: Results from the Construction Industry.EconomicsWells, J., Drobny, A.
Why aren't savings rates Latin America procyclical?EconomicsLane, Philip R., Tornell, Aaron
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