The Journal of Government Financial Management 2005 - Abstracts

The Journal of Government Financial Management 2005
Accelerated financial reporting in the federal government-how did it go?(United States. Department of Transportation)(United States. Department of Education)(United States. Department of Energy)GovernmentLongo, Ronald
Accrual accounting and social security.GovernmentMosso, David
Advice along the way.(human relations)GovernmentWilliams, J.D.
AGA marks CGFM's 10th year: Looks forward to bright future.(Association for Government Accountants)(Certified Financial Manager)GovernmentCamara, Christina M.
A leader among leaders.GovernmentNass, Connie
Assessing and documenting internal controls over financial reporting.GovernmentBerkowitz, Steven J.
Auditing in the terrorism era.GovernmentKristek, Michael C.
Biometrics and internal control: An emerging opportunity.GovernmentBrooks, Richard C., Amoruso, Anthony J., Riley, Richard A., Jr.
Confronting the perplexing issues of SEA reporting.(Service Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting )GovernmentKlay, William Earle, McCall, Sam M.
Detecting and preventing the financing of terrorist activities: A role for government accountants. .GovernmentBrooks, Richard C., Riley, Richard A.
Developing leadership skills by participating in professional organizations.GovernmentGray, Robert E.
Financial management shared services: A guide for federal users.GovernmentDavid, Irwin T.
Finding your way through the government performance maze.GovernmentFoltin, Craig
How readable are those financial reports.(Management Discussion and Analysis)(Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)GovernmentMontondon, Lucille G., Marsh, Treba Lilley
Introduction to FASAB.(Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board)GovernmentMosso, David
Introduction to GASB.(Governmental Accounting Standards Board)GovernmentAttmore, Robert H.
Is your agency too conservative?: Deriving more reliable confidence intervals.GovernmentKvanli, Alan H.
Leadership.GovernmentMok, Samuel T.
Leadership in the public sector.(government accountability )GovernmentBenison, Martin J.
Leadership through teamwork and partnering.GovernmentWalker, David M.
Leading through an ERP implementation.(enterprise resource planning)GovernmentNeely, Trisha
Meet AGA's next National President: Sam M.McCall, CGFM, CPA, CIA, CGAP.(Association of Government Accountants)(Chartered Public Accountant)(Certified Internal Auditor)(Certified Government Auditing Professional)Government 
Meeting the accelerated deadline.(United States. Department of the Treasury)(United States. National Science Foundation)(United States. Agency for International Development)GovernmentPong, Dinh, Watson, Stephen B.
North Carolina: Facing natural disaster head-on.(Hurricane Floyd, 1999)(disaster relief)GovernmentCampbell, Ralph, Jr.
$OX for federal agencies.(Office of Management and Budget )GovernmentHawkins, Kyleen W.
Performance and Accountability Reports: Revealing government's results.GovernmentWhite, Barry
Privacy policy statements on municipal websites.GovernmentSchuele, Karen
Putting sox on federal agencies.(Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)GovernmentDuquette, Dennis J.
Revisiting Federal financial management reform.GovernmentLaine, Mitch, Kreyche, Catherine A.
Teaching audited entities: How to survive a federal audit.GovernmentGray, Robert E.
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