The Journal of Government Financial Management 2007 - Abstracts

The Journal of Government Financial Management 2007
Activity-based costing in large U.S. cities: Costs & Benefits.(Survey)GovernmentKennett, Danny L., Durler, M. George, Downs, Alexis
A model for Not-for-Profit Enterprise Risk Management: ERM at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.(Enterprise Risk Management )GovernmentDorminey, Jack, Mohn, Richard
An assessment of the quality of single audits: the National Single Audit Sampling Project.GovernmentMonaghan, Hugh M.
Applying the finding paradigm to audits of output and outcome performance: A research perspective.GovernmentRaaum, Ronell B.
Audit huddles as a tool to control over and under-auditing tendencies.GovernmentHayes, Arthur
Audit huddles as a tool to control over-and under-auditing tendencies: Part one of two.GovernmentHayes, Arthur
Better information better management.GovernmentBall, Christopher
Brainstorming for management override: Part 1. Overview of SAS 99 requirements and identifying risky situations in government operations.GovernmentHayes, Arthur A.
Commitment to Public Sector: Oracle on demand.Government 
Derivatives, fund balance reporting, SEA projects on tap for 2008.(Service Efforts and Accomplishments)(Governmental Accounting Standards Board)GovernmentAttmore, Robert H.
Enhancing government accountability through financial reporting.(Governmental Accounting Standards Board )GovernmentAttmore, Robert H.
FASAB business-Not so usual.(Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board)GovernmentAllen, Tom L.
Fund balance reporting in state and local governments: A current look from a user's perspective.(Survey)GovernmentCrain, Gil, Schermann, Kenneth R.
Homeland security and natural disasters: Are states up to the financial demands?(Statistical data)GovernmentKinnersley, Randall L., Shoulders, Craig D.
Interactive data- XBRL: A revolutionary idea.GovernmentKull, Joseph L., Miller, Lisa E., St. Clair, James A., Savage, Michelle
Keep that opinion!GovernmentHummel, John H., Dudley, Diane L.
Meet AGA's next national president- Richard L.Fair, CGFM, CPA.(Association of Government Accountants)(Interview)Government 
Process-based financial reporting.GovernmentBrimson, James A., Williams, Clifton A.
Purchase card use by the U.S. Government: Growth and future opportunity.GovernmentGupta, Mahendra, Palmer, Richard
The control environment and decision-making.GovernmentMetzger, Lawrence
The incorporation of managerial accounting concepts into governmental organizations: the case of public universities.GovernmentBublits, Bruce, Martin, Susan W.
The world of connected things.GovernmentJohnson, Mary Jean, Wilcox, Paul A.
Understanding the statement of Net Cost.GovernmentSurdick, John J.
Wake up, America!.GovernmentWalker, David M.
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