WorkingUSA 2006 - Abstracts

WorkingUSA 2006
Building a movement for the health care: Key to organizing the unorganized?Human resources and labor relationsNealis, Wayne
Building a movement: Revitalizing labor in Miami.Human resources and labor relationsNissen, Bruce, Russo, Monica
Global production and worker response: The struggle at Volkswagen of Mexico.Human resources and labor relationsNunez, Huberto Fuarez
Hostile takeover: Antiunionism and the neoliberal politics of urban school reform in New York.Human resources and labor relationsAnderson, Noel
Immigration, Economic restructuring, and labor ruptures: From the Amalgamated to Change to Win.Human resources and labor relationsCornfield, Dan
Information technology, productivity growth, and reduced leisure: Revisiting "End of History".Human resources and labor relationsBanerjee, Debdas
Kerala: A union alternative to corporate globalization.Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, David, Harilal, K.N.
Organizing rights at the 'Global University'.(Yale University )(Graduate Employees and Students Organization)Human resources and labor relationsJackson, Mandi Isaacs
Organizing the jungle: Industrial restructuring and immigrant unionization in the American meatpacking industry.Human resources and labor relationsGabriel, Jackie
Profits, pain, and pillows: Hotels and housekeepers in San Diego.Human resources and labor relationsEsbenshade, Jill, Mitrosky, Micah, Morgan, Erica, Navarro, Marilisa, Rotundi, Matthew, Vazquez, Cynthia
Race, class, and the Katrina crisis.Human resources and labor relationsMarable, Manning
Relational exploitation: The informal organization of day labor agencies.Human resources and labor relationsBartley, Tim, Roberts, Wade T.
The challenge of revolutionary democracy in the life and thought of Rosa Luxembourg.Human resources and labor relationsLe Blanc, Paul
The trouble with getting ahead: Youth employment, labor organizing, and the higher education question.Human resources and labor relationsTannock, Stuart
'They want to destroy me': How California's fiscal crisis became a war on 'big government unions".Human resources and labor relationsMitchell, Daniel F.B.
"We are a force to be reckoned with": Black and Latina women's leadership in the contemporary U.S. labor movement.Human resources and labor relationsDickerson, Niki T.
What kind of globalization? Organizing for workers' human rights.Human resources and labor relationsHubbard, Dean
Workplace safety in Atlanta's construction industry: Institutional failure in temporary staffing arrangements.Human resources and labor relationsMehta, Chirag, Theodore, Nik
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