World Tennis - Abstracts

World Tennis
A garden party for Chris. (Evert wins Virginia Slims)Sports and fitness 
A kid, a rabbit & the champion. (U.S. Open results)Sports and fitnessHeldman, Julie M.
A man with something to prove. (Guillermo Vilas)Sports and fitness 
Analyzing Bjorn Borg's topspin forehand.Sports and fitnessBergelin, Lennart
Analyzing Borg's volley: how a baseliner becomes comfortable at net.Sports and fitnessBergelin, Lennart
An Aussie mate now guides Lobsters' fate. (Roy Emerson)Sports and fitness 
An authoritative new method of evaluating rackets.Sports and fitnessHedrick, Karl, Ramnath, Rudrapatna V., Mikic, Bora
A new stage for Evert's class act. (fourth consecutive U.S. Open)Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
A Rosewall is a Rosewall is a Rosewall...forever.Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Artistry on the court.Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
As awesome as her namesake, 'Little Mo' was nearly invincible. (Maureen Connolly's 1953 Grand Slam)Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Ashe is back.Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
Billy the kid. (Bill Scanlon)Sports and fitness 
BJK abroad. (Billy Jean King at Wimbledon)Sports and fitness 
Bjorn again. (Bjorn Borg wins at Stade Roland Garros)Sports and fitnessEvans, Richard
Borg eats Italian hero. (wins Italian Open)Sports and fitness 
Borg: on top of the world rankings.Sports and fitness 
Borg's endless summer: chasing the grand slam. (Wimbledon tournament)Sports and fitness 
Bruce Gray: new WT publisher.Sports and fitness 
Budge remembers the Baron. (German tennis star)Sports and fitnessBudge, Don
Can Renee win the battle for acceptance? (transsexual tennis player)Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
Championship coverage of the U.S. Open. (TV coverage of tennis tournament)Sports and fitnessKalyn, Wayne
Chris Evert Lloyd takes stock at 24.Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
Chris Evert: person & public champion.Sports and fitnessHeldman, Julie M.
Cliff Drysdale: a man for all seasons.Sports and fitnessBellamy, Rex
Confessions of a tennis mother.Sports and fitnessLeech, Audrey
Connors is king of stacked deck in world rankings.Sports and fitnessFlink, Steve
Connors shines the big apple. (Grand Prix Masters win)Sports and fitnessEvans, Richard
'Donald Dell is like E.F. Hutton: when he talks, you listen.' (pro tennis power broker)Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
Evert leads world's pack for 3rd straight year. (best tennis player)Sports and fitnessHeldean, Julie
Evonne Goolagong: welcome back sunshine.Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Genius with the light red hair. (John McEnroe)Sports and fitnessFlink, Steve
Guillermo Vilas: a man for all seasons. (personality profile)Sports and fitnessAmdur, Neil
Harry Hopman's international tennis at Bardmoor. (Florida tennis camp)Sports and fitnessNickell, Molli
Has the champagne gone flat for Jimmy Connors?Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
Here's to the winners. (what makes the best)Sports and fitnessTrees, Susie
He's a changed man. (Roscoe Tanner)Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
How 23 rackets compare in the lab and on the court.Sports and fitnessFiott, Steve
How a pro finds happiness on $384,663 a year. (Wojtek Fibak)Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
How the rabbit moved into the lettuce patch. (Wendy Turnbull)Sports and fitnessBellamy, Rex
'I would have given my right arm to beat that son of a bitch Tilden.' (Buddy Goeltz)Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
Jimmie McDaniel: never allowed to be legend.Sports and fitnessMeadow, Barry
Jimmy Connors: star spangled hero or the ugly American?Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
Jimmy Connors' two-handed backhand.Sports and fitnessStolle, Fred
John McEnroe: the glaring young man on the flying tantrum.Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Jose Higueras: from nine-year-old dropout to No. 8 on the planet.Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Lorge honored for WT article. (Barry Lorge)Sports and fitnessBookman, Ron
Manolo's masterpiece. (Grand Prix Masters tennis title)Sports and fitnessBookman, Ron
Martina: home at last.Sports and fitness 
Martina rocks the boat (and Chris, too).Sports and fitness 
Martina the strong. (Navratilova)Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
'Martina will be hard to keep down.' (Virginia Slims tournament)Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
Masters of the phantom circuit. (Harry and Guy Fritz)Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Meet Stacy, too. (Stacy Margolin)Sports and fitness 
Mowing & blowing at the Meadow. (Connors wins U.S. Open)Sports and fitnessEvans, Richard
Now he's a good win for anyone. (profile of tennis player John McEnroe)Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
'Our Ginny': the Wimbledon champ.Sports and fitnessHeldman, Julie M.
Rasputins or nannies: what do those coaches do?Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
Starting over at 17. (Pam Shriver)Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
Stockton, the Philadelphia iceman. (beats Connors)Sports and fitness 
Sweet sixteen. (Tracy Austin)Sports and fitnessFlink, Steve
Taking the gloves off: Bjorn makes it two. (Wimbledon win)Sports and fitnessGray, David
Ted Tinling: a beacon of style. (tennis dress designer)Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
The 88 year old woman Billie Jean would love to beat. (Elizabeth Ryan)Sports and fitnessEisenberg, DD
The ATP-Longwood heavyweight bout: round two. (pro tennis dispute)Sports and fitness 
The basic Borg.Sports and fitnessLorge, Barry
The crusher.Sports and fitnessAdams, Russ
The Futures circuit: those girls can play.Sports and fitnessDrysdale, Jean
The gerbil that roared. (personality profile)Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
The last of the red hot coaches. (Robert Lansdorp)Sports and fitness 
The last tennis rogue. (Bill Riordan)Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
The man behind the Prince racket. (Howard Head)Sports and fitnessFiott, Steve
The man who slew Forest HillsSports and fitnessAmdur, Neil
The phantom of the open. (personality profile)Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
The Rocket's red glare hasn't faded 10 years after Grand Slam II.Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud, Ad, My
The urban tennis junkieSports and fitnessLupica, Mike
The Vitas touch. (World Championship of Tennis)Sports and fitness 
Tracy Austin: fourteen & formidable.Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
Tracy awesome & the legend of Lutherville. (Tracy Austin, Pam Shriver)Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
Victor Pecci: the most famous person in Paraguay.Sports and fitnessCollins, Bud
Vilas: ! numero uno! (world's best players)Sports and fitness 
Virginia Wade's forehand drive. (tennis instruction)Sports and fitnessVan der Meer, Dennis
Vitas! what you see is what you get.Sports and fitnessLupica, Mike
Watch these juniors.Sports and fitnessFlink, Steve
WCT.Sports and fitness 
What makes Pecci a diamond in the rough?Sports and fitnessLott, David, Stolle, Fred
When the laughter turned to cheers. (U.S. Open win)Sports and fitnessEvans, Richard I.
Whitmore receives Krantzcke award.Sports and fitness 
Who are these nice guys? (leading players)Sports and fitness 
Wimbledon: Martina's fairy tale comes two true. (Martina Navratilova)Sports and fitnessAdams, Susan B.
Wimbledon: what can Borg do for an encore? (Bjorn Borg)Sports and fitnessBellamy, Rex
Wojtek Fibak: a one man boom. (rising tennis star)Sports and fitnessEvans, Richard
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