Car and Driver 1997 Csaba Csere - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1997 Csaba Csere
1996: faster but not deadlier.(unofficial figures show drop in traffic fatalities in spite of higher speed limits)(The Steering Column)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
1998 Mercedes-Benz M-class.(sport-utility vehicle)(Cover Story)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Audi A8 4.2 Quattro: a great car whose body raises some perplexing questions.(includes counterpoint comments)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, Patrick Bedard, Brock Yates, Csaba Csere
Catching a legend: does this last air-cooled 911 Turbo finally match the landmark 959?(Porsche 959 and 911 Turbo sports cars)(Evaluation)(Cover Story)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Chevrolet Corvette. (automobile)(includes opinions of other experts)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPatrick Bedard, Csaba Csere, Steven Cole Smith, Barry Winfield
Chevrolet Corvette convertible: the most desirable Vette since 1967.(includes related articles by drivers of the vehicle)(Evaluation)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, Csaba Csere, John Phillips, Larry Webster
Chevrolet Corvette.(Evaluation)(Cover Story)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Electric cars in the big apple?(the steering column)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Fatal attraction: 'I say it's the best-looking car in the world.'AutomobilesPhil Berg, Don Schroeder, Patrick Bedard, Brock Yates, Csaba Csere, John Phillips, Steve Spence, Frank Markus, Steven Cole Smith, Barry Winfield, Larry Webster, Jeffrey Dworin
Former sin city now houses other cats. (Jaguar parts business in Steubenville, Ohio)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Gentlemen, start your bulldozers; the mad boom in racetrack construction may be coming to a town near you.(automobile racetrack construction)(includes related article on stocks of racing businesses)AutomobilesBrock Yates, Csaba Csere
Honda Accord coupe.(includes related article on Accord sedan and related performance information)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPatrick Bedard, Csaba Csere, Steve Spence
If city councils designed cars. (creative solutions to replacement of parking structures in Ann Arbor, Michigan)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Long-term Jaguar XJ6: the $5 billion car.(Evaluation)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Mercury MC2: is this the new Cougar? (includes related article on the development of the Cougar)(Evaluation)(Cover Story)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Oldsmobile Intrigue: getting serious about challenging the imports. (includes related information on development of the car's engine)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, Csaba Csere
Porsche 911 Carrera.(sports car)(Evaluation)(Cover Story)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Porsche discovers hedonism.(new Porsche Boxster)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
Ten best cars: from two-seater to seven seater, the best of the best.(includes related information)AutomobilesStephan Wilkinson, Patrick Bedard, Brock Yates, Csaba Csere, Frank Markus, Ray Hutton, Barry Winfield, Fred M.H. Gregory
The 1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. (Road Test)(includes 3 brief 'Counterpoint' opinions)(Evaluation)(Cover Story)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
The barrier crash test bites the dust.(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration replaces barrier crash test with Hyge test)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
The myth of our downsized cars. (lighter weight of today's automobiles)(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
The not-so-passive airbag.(Column)AutomobilesCsaba Csere
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