Car and Driver 1997 John Phillips - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1997 John Phillips
10 best winners and losers.(1996 automobile industry)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL. (automobile)(includes opinions of other experts)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, John Phillips, Steve Spence, Tony Swan
1998 Subaru Forester S AWD. (sport-utility vehicle)(includes opinions of other experts)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, Larry Griffin, John Phillips, Steve Spence
Battle of the beaters.(three people rate the performance of cars each of them purchased for $1,000)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Chevrolet Corvette convertible: the most desirable Vette since 1967.(includes related articles by drivers of the vehicle)(Evaluation)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, Csaba Csere, John Phillips, Larry Webster
Deer whistles, alien contact, festivals of lint. (various topics excluded from the Jan 1997 'Winners and Losers' column)(Column)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Fatal attraction: 'I say it's the best-looking car in the world.'AutomobilesPhil Berg, Don Schroeder, Patrick Bedard, Brock Yates, Csaba Csere, John Phillips, Steve Spence, Frank Markus, Steven Cole Smith, Barry Winfield, Larry Webster, Jeffrey Dworin
Festival of filth.(four-wheel-drive vehicles)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Ford Ka.(subcompact car)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Full-body orthopedic seats. And cigars.(custom racing car seats designed by Brock M. Walker)(Column)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Honda CR-V.(sport-utility vehicle)(includes counterpoint comments)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, John Phillips, Steve Spence, Steven Cole Smith
How fast is a Ferrari F50?(automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Long-term Mercedes-Benz E320. (automobile)(includes opinions of other experts and related article on windshield wipers and windshield maintenance)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJohn Phillips, Steve Spence, Larry Webster, Patricia Eldridge Maki, Bradley Nevin, Tom Cosgrove, Bengt Halvorson
Minus 40 in Manitoba, 1 rolled van, 1 office fire.(cold-testing Fords in Thompson, Manitoba)(Column)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
On two wings and a prayer. (driving racer Greg Moore's Reynard 961 race car)(includes a related article on the PPG-Firestone Indy Lights T94/20 Lola-Buick)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Oshkosh Phoenix.(off-road fire truck)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Riley & Scott Mk2 Hunter. (racing car prototype from Bob Riley and Mark Scott)(Cover Story)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
See-through logos and big-toe graphics. (racing-car logo creator Lance Gibbs)(Column)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
The technician. (race car designer Bob Riley)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Toyota Camry CE.(Evaluation)AutomobilesJohn Phillips
Volkswagen Passat GLS.(automobile)(includes counterpoint comments)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJohn Phillips, Steve Spence, Barry Winfield, Larry Webster
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