Defense Today 2004 Ron Laurenzo - Abstracts

Defense Today 2004 Ron Laurenzo
Aerostats could cover carrier battle groups-CRS.(Congressional Research Service )BusinessRon Laurenzo
Air Force pilots praise raptor capability.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Air Force STOVL could differ from marine.(short take-off, vertical landing Joint Strike Fighter)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Air Force studies ground attack options for F-15C fleet.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Apache downed in Iraq by unknown weapon.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Army awaits new proposals for Iraq scout planes.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Army, industry address Ammo shortfall.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Army light helo contracts not a lock for U.S. companies.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Army postpones ACS aircraft contract award.(Aerial Common Sensor)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Army pursues better protection equipment for helos.BusinessRon Laurenzo
As DAB meets, Air Force says Raptor meeting goal.(Defence Acquisition Board)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Bell increasing payload on LUH candidate.(UH-1Huey of Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Blum: National Guard will field FCS with active force.(Future Combat Systems)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Boeing, Air Force dispute IG tanker report.(Pentagon Inspector General )BusinessRon Laurenzo
Boeing hunts abroad for super hornet sales.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Boeing missile defense programs go $380 million over budget.(Government Accountability Office)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Boeing says it can deliver MMA early.(737 Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft )BusinessRon Laurenzo
Boeing wins Navy MMA contract.BusinessRon Laurenzo
CAE to build KC-130J simulators.(CAE USA Inc.)BusinessRon Laurenzo
CEOs endorse F-35, upbeat in progress.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Civilian tanking venture targets NATO training market.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Combat controllers to get better targeting gear.(Air Force Research Laboratory)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Compudyne system protects Navy ships and ports.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Conference language pushes civilian C-17.BusinessRon Laurenzo
CRS questions cost of new Army recon helo.(Congressional Research Service: armed-reconnaissance helicopters)BusinessRon Laurenzo
DAB begins review of navy multi-mission aircraft.(Defense Acquisition Board)BusinessRon Laurenzo
DAB to review JSF program adjustments.(F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program)(Defense Acquisition Board)BusinessRon Laurenzo
DARPA, industry provide leap ahead in night vision.(Defense Advanced Research Project Agency)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Democrats aim to stop nukes.BusinessRon Laurenzo
DHS could pick 3 firms for next phase of anti-missile program.(Department of Homeland Security)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Dicks criticizes Pentagon IG, slams McCain, Airbus.BusinessRon Laurenzo
EADS aerial tanker boom to fly in 2005.BusinessRon Laurenzo
EADS: Path to dominance runs through U.S., Asia.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Electronic noses coming for military, homeland defense.(Smith Detections)BusinessRon Laurenzo
England seeks fast ships development time; upbeat on DD(X), LCS.(Littoral Combat Ship )BusinessRon Laurenzo
Europe takes Italy to court over Agusta.(Agusta Aerospace Corp.)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Farnborough: Worth the bother.(Farnborough International Air Show)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Frontline chronicles Iraq invasion.BusinessRon Laurenzo
GAO: Air force must justify Raptor costs.(General Accounting Office )BusinessRon Laurenzo
GAO: Weapons vulnerable to software infiltration.(General Accounting Office)BusinessRon Laurenzo
General: Missile defense to be ready this fall.(Air Force Lieutenant General Ronald Kadish)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Group: defense procurement still not joint enough.BusinessRon Laurenzo
HAC slashes VXX request by 28 percent.(House of Appropriations Committee)BusinessRon Laurenzo
HASC fears demise of U.S. rotorcraft industry.(House Armed Services Committee )BusinessRon Laurenzo
House panel wants Navy to lead JSF acquisition.(F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Hunter seeks more UAVs for Iraq bomb detection.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Incident mars successful Osprey testing.(V-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft )BusinessRon Laurenzo
JSF weight changes will come from inside.(Joint Strike Fighter )BusinessRon Laurenzo
Like pilots, maintainers love raptor.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Lockheed beats Miltec to develop army missile.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Lockheed Martin begins assembly of first JSF.(Joint Strike Fighter)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Lockheed Martin confident in Orion21 design.(Lockheed Martin Corp.)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Lockheed Martin confident orion21 will follow P-3.(Aircraft)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Lockheed says efficiency saves billions at F/A-22 Raptor plant.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Lockheed Sniper targets navy pod market.(Lockheed Martin Corporation)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Long-Range UAV marks first shipboard mission.(unmanned arial vehicles)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Marine Aviation feels stress of war.BusinessRon Laurenzo
McCain: Air Force "credibility" at stake over Boeing tanker deal.BusinessRon Laurenzo
McCain blasts Air Force over Boeing tanker deal.BusinessRon Laurenzo
MEADS ready to enter development.(Medium Extended Air Defense System)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Micro systems may, guide artillery shells, rockets.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Navy considering second private aerial tanker.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Navy says MMA order could rise.(Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Navy team takes fire protection down to the wire.BusinessRon Laurenzo
New gun covers Super Stallion's rear.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Northrop Grumman breaks ground for Fire Scout.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Pentagon approves MMA development phase.(Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Pentagon mulls Army strength.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Raptor development problems could afflict JSF: Roche.(James Roche)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Raytheon cuts censor costs for many platforms.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Rep. Hobson rails against RNEP.(Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator and David Hobson)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Rocket test may have damaged super cobra.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Sea swap could become the norm.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Ship development short-changed compared to aircraftuYoung.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Sikorsky stretches presidential helo cabin.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Stevens urges support for F/A-22..BusinessRon Laurenzo
Surveillance critical in Iraq, Afghanistan.BusinessRon Laurenzo
T-50 trainer begins engine air start testing.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Testing of special ops V-22 six months behind schedule.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Upgrades to increase B-52 capabilities.(Air Force)BusinessRon Laurenzo
U.S. aerospace industry leading world recovery.BusinessRon Laurenzo
V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor begins aerial refueling tests.BusinessRon Laurenzo
War on terror puts greater U.S. military focus on Africa.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Weight coming off STOVL JSF variant.(short take-off and vertical landing)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Weldon: DOD needs better UAV management.(Department of Defense)(Unmanned aerial vehicles)BusinessRon Laurenzo
Weldon: tough decisions ahead for fighter programs.BusinessRon Laurenzo
Wynne says tanker deal should be settled this year.(Boeing Co.)BusinessRon Laurenzo
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