Gourmet 1996 Fred Ferretti - Abstracts

Gourmet 1996 Fred Ferretti
A gourmet at large: Charles Kuralt: television's man on the road. (television journalist)(Interview)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Al Hirschfeld, caricaturist, theatergoer, bon vivant.(A Gourmet at Large)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Andrew Eliel: inspector of British beds and boards.Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Brother Lode: a keeper of the brew. (beer)(Column)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Chefs of Asia.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Guardian of the Sachertorte.(Viennese baker Friedrich Josef Pfliegler)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Leslie Caron: actress and innkeeper.(Interview)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
The Peninsula, Hong Kong.(hotel)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
The Ticino: Switzerland's little Italy.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
Vienna coffeehouses: tangible reminders of an old and cherished way of life.(Vienna, Austria)(includes recipes and glossary of coffee drinks)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti
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