Investors Chronicle 1999 Carole Haswell - Abstracts

Investors Chronicle 1999 Carole Haswell
Man the lifeboats.(Uinted Kingdom water utilties as investments)BusinessCarole Haswell
National Power splits itself in two.(impact on stockholders of planned division of National Power; includes related notes)BusinessCarole Haswell
Nice work.(impact of United Kingdom National Institute for Clinical Excellence on drugs companies; includes related articles)BusinessCarole Haswell
No-panic guide to the bug attack.(impact of Year 2000 computer transition on different sectors in the United Kingdom; includes related articles)(Cover Story)BusinessSimon Thompson, Tim Green, Dan Oakey, Chris Dillow, Carole Haswell, Oliver Williams, Mark Wallace, George. Jemma, Davod Rothwell
Regulators make a dog's dinner out of food and water.(regulation of United Kingdom food retailing and water industries)BusinessCarole Haswell, Jemma George
Sparks fly as Viridian slams ESB for stifling competition.(Viridian criticises deregulation of Irish electricity market)BusinessCarole Haswell
Stocking fillers with a future.(selection of stocks for Christmas; includes related articles)(Cover Story)BusinessCarole Haswell
Taking a look at the telecoms gift horse.(performance of Colt Telecom, and investing in the telecoms industry)BusinessCarole Haswell
Vodaphone parks its tanks, nicely.(Vodaphone bid for Mannesmann; includes related articles)BusinessTim Green, Dan Oakey, Carole Haswell
Water companies let off more lightly than expected.(price controls for United Kingdom water companies)BusinessCarole Haswell
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