Marine Corps Gazette 1999 - Abstracts

Marine Corps Gazette 1999
Artillery ammunition resupply in OMFTS.Military and naval scienceThomas E. Chandler
Corps plans Capable Warrior.Military and naval science 
Corps set to conduct URBAN WARRIOR.Military and naval science 
Covered by fire: The new face of mine warfare at sea.Military and naval scienceBruce I. Gudmundsson
Empowering the tactical level of war: the ELB ACTD.Military and naval scienceFred C. Belen
F/A-18D & AH-1W designate for copperhead.Military and naval scienceHall, Bradley R.; Bishop, Andrew M.
Fixing the supply system: bringing the ATLAS into the 21s century.Military and naval scienceJoseph L. Moreno
FY 00 budget submitted to congress.Military and naval science 
FY 2000 Defense Appropriations Act overview.Military and naval science 
Joint Strike Fighter: Joint vision or joint illusion.Military and naval scienceJohn H. Pylant
Joint Strike Fighter - you want a revolution . . .Military and naval scienceR.M. Schmitt
KC-130s in MOOTW.Military and naval scienceAdam P. Holmes
K-Span construction: expeditionary engineering for the 21st century.Military and naval scienceWilliam J. Bowers
Light/attack helicopter operations in the three block war.Military and naval scienceHarry J. Hewson
Miltary ethics in the Pentagon.Military and naval sciencePerry M. Smith
Mines challenges our maneuver.Military and naval scienceBilly J. Short Jr.
MV-22 operational test update.Military and naval science 
MV-22 status.Military and naval science 
MV-22 undergoes sea trials.Military and naval science 
Off-the-shelf technology can be applied today.Military and naval scienceLasswell, James A.; West, F.J.
Rounding out the ARG and protecting ship-to-objective maneuver.Military and naval scienceDeSantis, Albert A., Jr.; Degentesh, Bill
STOVL and JSF: Let's not handicap a winner.Military and naval scienceJay A. Stout
The MV-22 osprey, Part I: Performance parameters and operational implications.Military and naval scienceTimothy C. Hanifen
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