Shape 1993 Liz Brody - Abstracts

Shape 1993 Liz Brody
A champion's challenge. (1992 Reebok National Aerobic Champions)(includes related article on Nancy Popp)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Axling: a new spin on fitness. (includes related information on axling elements)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Come to your senses; see, hear, taste, smell and feel your way through the world you thought you knew. (includes related article and bibliography on the senses)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Fat phobia. (includes related articles on fat percentage and on fat substitutes)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Love, sex and AIDS; straight talk that could save your life. (includes related safe sex scenarios, an interview with AIDS policy coordinator Kristine M. Gebbie and other AIDS information)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Romancing the shadow. (negative side of romance)(includes related information on the shadow-side of the ego)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Steve Wolf, Connie Zweig
Sick of cellulite? So are we.... (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Take it from the top; create a lithe and strong upper body with a dancer's workout. (Get Ready for Summer; Summer Shape-Up: Part 2)(includes workout schedule and training tips) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
Take two aspirin and ... throw them away; healing in a new era of medicine. (includes related glossary and information on research and on finding a healer) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
The centered sweat: Yogarobics blends body and mind for a total workout. (includes related workout schedule, training program and training tips) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
The dancing warrior: discover your fighting spirit through this mix of ancient ritual, martial arts and modern dance. (includes workout schedule)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody
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