Shape 2000 Donna Raskin - Abstracts

Shape 2000 Donna Raskin
10 ways to pump up your cardio.(exercise advice)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin, Linda Lewis
30 ways to do summer.(includes recipes)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin, Jenna McCarthy, Robin Vitetta-Miller, Carolyn C. Armistead, Mary Rose Almasi, Monica Gullon, Collen Dunn Bates, Kristin Carpenter, Gayle Sato Stodder, Amy Allison
A bikini-ready body (by June); with this new stretch, strength and aerobic routine you'll see faster results than ever before.(includes related workout schedules and exercise instructions)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne Schlosberg, Donna Raskin
Best new way to train fab abs!(Pilates-based techniques for strengthening abdominal muscles)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
Get ballerina legs.(exercise routine)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
Get the most out of your cardio workout.(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
How you can fight fatigue with fitness.(includes related article)(benefits of exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin, Alice Lesch Kelly
Kick butt.(benefits of martial arts)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
The anti-cellulite workout.Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
The killer combo.(walking and running for fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
Walk tall.(body confidence is not about size)Women's issues/gender studiesDonna Raskin
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