Vanity Fair 1997 - Abstracts

Vanity Fair 1997
Act II: ghosts in the administration. (Pres. Bill Clinton begins second term with personal and political problems still overshadowing his administration)General interestJacob Weisberg
Angel in the outback. (evaluation of Robert Hughes' new art history book 'American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America')General interestDavid Gahr
A portrait of world power. (a profile on global movers and shakers, from politicians to business leaders)General interestHarry Benson, Helmut Newton, Nigel Parry, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Jonathan Becker, Annie Liebowitz, Snowdon
Bad trouble in the big West. (excerpt from 'Big Trouble')General interestJ. Anthony Lukas
Bogart & Bacall. (Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall)(Excerpted from 'Bogart')General interestEric Lax, A.M. Sperber
Clare's conquests. (author and playwriter Clare Boothe Luce)General interestSylvia Jukes Morris
Dance fever. (insights into the filming of the quintessential English novel, 'A Dance to the Music of Time')General interestNicolas Coleridge
Death, incorporated.(US funeral industry; material to go into revised edition of 'The American Way of Death')General interestJessica Mitford
Edgar's list.(World Jewish Congress Pres Edgar Bronfman; Swiss banking industry's collusion with Hitler)General interestAnn Louise Bardach
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's final passage.General interestLeslie Bennetts
For the love of Picasso. (a couple's honoring of Picasso's 'The Dream')General interestJohn Richardson
Fran Lebowitz on money.(Interview)General interest 
Fran Leibowitz on race. (satirical analysis of racial issues)General interestFran Leibowitz
Gehry's October surprise. (insights into the architectural concepts employed in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao by architect provocateur Frank Gehry)General interestMatt Tyrnauer
High noon.(Republican senator Fred Thompson chairs Senate hearing on campaign-finance scandal)General interestBryan Burrough, Jacob Weisberg
Hollywood 1997: the stars, the legends, the glamour, the power. (photographs of new and established actors)(Illustration)General interestHerb Ritts, Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Newton, Peggy Sirota, Nigel Parry, Eika Aoshima, Lorenzo Agius, Annie Liebowitz, Art Streiber, Dan Winters
Hollywood on trial. (Congress' anti-communist campaign against Hollywood)General interestPatricia Bosworth
Hong Kong surprise.(Hong Kong-China reunification)General interestAndrew Neil
Idol gossips. (rival gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper)General interestAmy Fine Collins
Intimations of chic. (Fashion Week in New York, New York)General interestLaura Jacobs, Hilary Knight
Joan Rivers. (one-liners from the comedienne)(Proust Questionnaire)(Column)General interest 
Katherine the Great: Katherine Graham, legendary publisher of The Washington Post, goes to press with her long-awaited autobiography this month. (Feb. 1997)General interestSally Quinn
Kid Haring.(life of artist Keith Haring)General interestIngrid Sischy
Lady of the canyon. (singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell)General interestBill Flanagan
London swings! Again!(England)General interestDavid Kamp, Michael Roberts, David LaChapelle, Lorenzo Agius, Dafyod Jones
Lord of the rim. (Hong Kong's Dickson Concepts-owner Dickson Poon to expand business in the US)General interestEdward Klein
Missing innocence. (insights into the lives of John and Patsy Ramsey, the couple accused of killing their six-year old girl, JonBenet Ramsey)General interestAnn Louise Bardach
Morning becomes Allegra. (Allegra Kent, former New York City Ballet star pens a book, 'Once a Dancer')General interestHeather Watts
Mr. Sunday Night.(1950s television personality Ed Sullivan)General interestNick Tosches
Murdoch blood, Murdoch empire.(children of media magnate Rupert Murdoch)General interestSarah Lyall
Nabokov cocktail. (movie version of Vladimir Nabokov's 'Lolita')General interestCharles Fleming
Polanski's inferno. (exile of movie director Roman Polanski)General interestJill Robinson
Queens of the high C. (opera singers Renee Fleming and Ruth Ann Swenson)General interestDavid Daniel
Rauschenberg's epic vision.(painter Robert Rauschenberg)General interestJohn Richardson
Restless blueblood.(insights into socialite Marietta Tree's life)General interestCaroline Seebohm
Return to the killing fields. (implications of the trial of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot)General interestSydney H. Schanberg
Still Captain Fantastic. (profile on pop music artist Elton John)General interestLeslie Bennets
Studs Terkel.(author and oral historian)(Interview)General interest 
Success and the 'Seinfeld' girl.(actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus)(Interview)General interestLloyd Grove
The battle over the golden child. (profile on Althina Onassis, heiress of the Onassis fortune)General interestEdward Klein
The detectives story. (Mark Fuhrman cast as the racist cop in the OJ Simpson murder trial drama)(Interview)General interestH.G. Bissinger
The Exner files. (Judith Exner's involvement with President John F. Kennedy)(Letter from Los Angeles)(Interview)(Column)General interestLiz Smith
Their brilliant careers. (new film actresses)(Cover Story)General interestJohn Gillies, Evgenia Peretz, Liz Welch, Sara Switzer, Kate Westerbeck, Craig Offman, Beth Altschull, Dana Brown, Felice Barash Kaplan, Riza Cruz
The juggler. (Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams)(Interview)General interestMaureen Orth
The killer's trail.(Andrew Cunanan's killing spree)General interestMaureen Orth
The lady and the diamond. (insights into the life of Hope diamond owner, Evalyn Walsh McLean)General interestGary Cohen
The lady vanishes.(mysterious disappearance of atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair)General interestMimi Swartz
The last empire. (essay on the 'American Empire' built upon the global paranoia)General interestGore Vidal
The last explorer. (insights into the life of Austrian explorer, Heinrich Harrer)General interestH.S. Bissinger
The man who kept the secrets. (lawyer Sidney Korshak)General interestNick Tosches
The New Establishment: Vanity Fair's 1997 list of the 50 most powerful leaders of the Information Age.General interest 
The queen of harts: Mary Hart is the small screen's greatest survivor.(talk show host Mary Hart)(Interview)General interest 
The scion in winter.(french investment banker Michel David-Weill)(Interview)General interestSuzanna Andrews
The shocking Mr. Purdy. (novelist James Purdy)General interestPeter Theroux
The trail of the dragon.(FBI Operation Dragon Fire)General interestHoward Blum
Walter Cronkite.(Interview)General interest 
When they were kings. (recently discovered video reveals a show top-billed by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. before they became stars)General interestBob Willoughby
Wired at heart. (profile on high-technology guru Esther Dyson)General interestLeslie Bennetts
Women behaving badly. (female memoirists are reaping big financial rewards from their books)General interestMicahel Shnayerson
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