World Trade 1999 - Abstracts

World Trade 1999
A key to no-risk open accounts sales.Business, internationalJames Welsh
An international box standard for fruits and vegetables is on the way.Business, international 
As Brazil goes ... a healthy Brazil will boost the region.Business, internationalDavis P. Goodman
Asian container shortage easing, analyst says.Business, international 
Auto makers drive a hard bargain.Business, internationalRuss Banham
Bridging the communications gap.Business, internationalGail Dutton
Building a global infrastructure.Business, internationalSteven Barth
Distance learning: linking the globe through education.Business, internationalNadalyn C. Larsen
Driving automotive logistics.Business, internationalDavid Mungai
Ecuador crumbles under financial strain.Business, international 
El Salvador and Honduras reach agreement on regional power grid.Business, international 
European Central Bank cuts its benchmark interest rate.Business, international 
EU/South Africa finally agree on trade pact.Business, international 
Final justice for a California developer.Business, international 
Five steps to finding the right business partners abroad.Business, internationalJohn Lalgee
Frequent flier and related travel incentive programs.Business, internationalMartha L. Celestini
Getting paid or what's a transaction for?Business, international 
GM's Asian game plan: Push ahead.Business, internationalJames Srodes
Implementing operational excellence.Business, internationalMel Mandell
Indonesia elections only increase uncertainty.Business, international 
Intellectual property rights strengthened in South America.Business, international 
International factoring: the viable financing alternative.Business, internationalRay Pereira
In the eye of the beholder.Business, internationalSherrie Zhan
Less capital for Chinese companies: Foreign banks cut lending to China.Business, international 
Mexican retailers predict flat or declining sales for 1999.Business, international 
Mexico: the good, the bad, and the ugly.Business, international 
More things to more people.Business, internationalMarcia Jedd
New Japanese accounting rules provide reality checks.Business, internationalDavis P. Goodman
Overseas employees: expatriots or local labor?Business, internationalCharlene Marmer Solomon
Pile on the fertilizer and keep 'em in the dark.Business, international 
Pressure is on China to devalue renminbi.Business, international 
Satellite communications: instant infrastructure for the new millennium.Business, internationalBruce Elbert
South African work permits: the impossible solution.Business, international 
Successful heavy-lift shipping: planning ahead is essential.Business, internationalAaron Robertson
Tapping smarts overseas.Business, internationalMel Mandell
The five issues that can make or break your business.Business, internationalZhan, Sherrie E.; Goodman, Davis P.
The invisible giant.Business, internationalRon Edwards
The next generation G-7.Business, international 
The Y2K threat to world trade.Business, internationalJames Srodes
US/Turkey sign investment agreement.Business, international 
Whither Asia: is the crisis over?Business, international 
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