Administrative Law Review 1992 - Abstracts

Administrative Law Review 1992
Administrative law and bureaucratic reality.LawMelnick, R. Shep
Administrative law cases during 1991.LawSchwartz, Bernard
'Administrative law is not for sissies': Justice Antonin Scalia's challenge to American administrative law.LawBrisbin, Richard A., Jr.
A new look at reasons - one step forward - two steps backward. (giving reasons for administrative decisions in common law)LawAntoine, Rose M.B.
A perspective on the Washington lawyer today and Charles Horsky's Washington lawyer of 1952.LawSusman, Thomas M.
California underground regulations.LawAsimow, Michael
Evidence before French administrative courts.LawPlantey, Alain
Evidentiary considerations in disability adjudication - a judge's perspective.LawGoldhammer, Alan K.
Judicial review of state administrative action - designing the statutory framework.LawAndersen, William R.
Like money in the bank? An economic analysis of fiduciary duties to protect the S&L deposit insurance fund.LawNussbaum, Andrew J.
Negotiating for knowledge: administrative responses to congressional demands for information.LawShane, Peter M.
Prosecutorial discretion and agency self-regulation: CNI v. Young and the aflatoxin dance.LawThomas, Richard M.
Survey of non-ALJ hearing programs in the federal government. (administrative law judges)LawFrye, John H., III
The changing doctrine of regulatory taking and the executive branch; will takings impact analysis enhance or damage the federal government's ability to regulate?LawWise, Charles R.
The D.C. Circuit's use of the Chevron test: constructing a positive theory of judicial obedience and disobedience.LawBelcaster, John F.
The electronic agency and the traditional paradigms of administrative law.LawPerritt, Henry H., Jr.
The function, flexibility, and future of United States judges of the executive department.LawSimeone, Joseph J.
The irresistible force meets the immovable object: estoppel remedies for an agency's violation of its own regulations or other misconduct.LawSchwartz, Joshua I.
The neoclassical revival in administrative law.LawWerhan, Keith
The Supreme Court's role in not shaping administrative law.LawDyk, Timothy B.
'Well, you want the permit, don't you?': Agency efforts to make nonlegislative documents bind the public.LawAnthony, Robert A.
Why not administrative grand juries?LawWright, Ronald F.
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