ADWEEK New England Edition - Abstracts

ADWEEK New England Edition
1998 Proves It's Not Just About the Work.Business, generalParpis, Eleftheria
3 Shops Seek to Spear Harpoon Ale.Business, generalGianatasio, David
6 Shops Seek Credit Approval.Business, generalGianatasio, David
accounts in review/2.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalSiebert, T.W.
AGENCY NEWS.Business, general 
AHEAD OF THE PACK.(Snapple spends half of budget on cable TV)(Company Business and Marketing)Business, general 
A matter of trust: Rossin weighs his role in review.(USTrust marketing consultant Jack Rossin claims he is not trying to drive out former partner Greenberg Seronick)Business, generalWarner, Judy
AND BONUS FOR ALL.Business, generalJones, Sarah
A New Look for Maine.Business, generalJones, Sarah
An Ounce of Prevention.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Arnold-Crispin Team Triumphs.Business, generalWarner, Judy, Siebert, T.W., Melillo, Wendy
Arnold, Sundsvall Sell Sophistication.Business, generalJones, Sarah, Warner, Judy
A Way of Life.Business, generalGottesman, Alan
BANKING ON BUSINESS CABLE.(First Union Bank increases awareness and image)(Advertising)Business, general 
Bargains `Save the Day'.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Boston Group's Fulcrum Intro Stresses Team.Business, generalGianatasio, David
BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE.Business, generalMcCarthy, Michael
Carter Smith.Business, generalKittler, Marla
CC and D Plays to Its Strengths.(wins bank, hotel accounts)Business, generalGianatasio, David
Cohn Scores Md. Bank.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Connors Starts Exit Plan.Business, generalWarner, Judy
Consumer republic.Business, generalGoldman, Debra
DIALING UP AMERCIA.Business, general 
Discrimination alleged: fired Houston treasure files gay bias complaint. (Houston Herstek Favat treasurer Bob Cauley)Business, generalGianatasio, David
Donovan Recruits Client Director.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Dunkin' Bows Breakfast Push.(Dunkin' Donuts campaign)Business, generalWarner, Judy
Duofold Touts Thermal Technology.Business, generalGianatasio, David
EXTENDING THE MESSAGE.Business, general 
First Union Eyes 6 Agencies.Business, generalJudy, David; Warner Gianatasio
FLAGGING DOWN ROAD WARRIORS.(Red Roof Inns concentrates advertising budget on cable TV)(Advertising)Business, general 
Gallucci Heads Out on His Own.(advertising executive Marc Galucci to start own agency)Business, generalGianatasio, David
Generation X'd Out.Business, generalDeutsch, Donny
GETTING FAMOUS FAST.(Cyberian Outpost uses humor in cable campaign)(Advertising)Business, general 
Golf Supers Look to Boost Image.Business, generalJones, Sarah
GREENER PASTURES.Business, generalMcCarthy, Michael
Groundhog Day.(managing editor remembers issues in Adweek over three years)(Editorial)Business, generalEdwards, Jim
Harpell/Martins Makes Progress.Business, generalGianatasio, David
`Head Trip': Local Retailer Starts Search.(Lids shopping for new agency)Business, generalJones, Sarah, Lucas, Sloane
HENNESSY COGNAC.Business, generalDolliver, Mark
Hill, Holliday Begins Reorganization.Business, generalWarner, Judy
Hill, Holliday Pairs Lynch, Rickles In Fidelity Spots.Business, generalWarner, Judy
Holland Mark Welcomes Thomson, Universal.Business, generalGianatasio, David
HOTLINE.Business, general 
INGALLS PLANS ON LEE.(Jonathan Lee)Business, generalGianatascio, David
In Ocean Spray's wake. (advertising agency executives and the Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. account)Business, generalWarner, Judy
J. Baker Stocks Holland Mark.Business, generalGianatasio, David
John Meacham.Business, generalSchwirtz, Mira
Karen Good.Business, generalMcLeod, Rodd
KINDERCARE.(Evaluation)Business, generalDolliver, Mark
Liberty Mutual's `In Action'.(Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners has branding campaign for insurance co)Business, generalMcMains, Andrew
Lynn Rotando Leaves Ocean Spray.Business, generalWarner, Judy
Male Bonding.Business, generalMcCarthy, Michael
MSNBC Signs On With Mullen.Business, generalJones, Sarah
NEC taps Hill, Holliday.(Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos wins NEC Technologies advertising contract)Business, generalGianatasio, David, Warner, Judy
North Castle Sees Growth in Teens.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Ogilvy Ads Tout AmEx Benefits.Business, generalKim, Hank
On Target.Business, generalMasterton, John
on the move.Business, general 
ON THE MOVE.Business, general 
PNC Bank Selects Doner Over Mullen After Lengthy Pitch.Business, generalJones, Sarah, Irwin, Tanya
Polaroid Ends Tagline Confusion.Business, generalGianatasio, David, Kelly, Jane Irene
Polly LaBarre.Business, generalOrsini, Patricia
Right Place, Right Time.Business, generalVoight, Joan
SAILING INTO RECORD GROWTH.(Celebrity Cruises launches successful image campaign on cable and broadcast TV)(Currency Markets)Business, general 
SCAN PLAN.Business, generalMasterton, John
SEGMENTING THE DIVERSE HISPANIC MARKET.(Miller Brewing uses variety of media with emphasis on Galavision)(Company Business and Marketing)Business, generalGadsby, Monica
SHARING THE LIMELIGHT.(Master Card International and Discovery Chanel team up)(Advertising)Business, general 
Some Issues Are Worth Getting Angry About.(roundtable discussion with Allen Banks, Sean Cunningham, Mark McLaughlin)(Editorial)(Panel Discussion)Business, general 
Split Decision.Business, generalSchwirtz, Mira
Star Markets: `A Little Better'.(Heater Advertising )Business, generalJones, Sarah
Talk of the Town.Business, generalSchwirtz, Mira, Orsini, Patricia
The Year of Living Large.Business, generalGottesman, Alan
Trying to Reinvent the Wheel.Business, generalMcCarthy, Michael, Kim, Hank
UPPING THE ANTE.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Visa Calls NFL Review.Business, generalMcCarthy, Michael, Lucas, Sloane
Wallwork Curry To Support Local Children's Group.Business, generalJones, Sarah
Wickersham Becomes Voice For Impaired.Business, generalGianatasio, David
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