Ageing and Society - Abstracts

Ageing and Society
Ageing 2000: questions for the 21st century.Sociology and social workHarper, Sarah
Ageing and the family in Australia. (response to articles in the Australian Journal of Ageing, vol. 13, no. 4, p. 153-201, 1994)Sociology and social workMcCormack, John
And a few pinches of politics and economics. (comments on papers presented in special issue of Ageing & Society, vol. 15 part 2, June 1995)Sociology and social workBinstock, Robert H.
Continuity and change in the study of family relationships.Sociology and social workJerrome, Dorothy
Current and future incomes for older people.Sociology and social workHutton, Sandra
Dementia in a socio-cultural context: an idea whose time has come.(Ageing Update)Sociology and social workDowns, Murna
European policy issues.Sociology and social workMaltby, Tony
Family caregiving supports.Sociology and social workEtten, Mary Jean
Gerontological nursing: professional priority or eternal Cinderella?Sociology and social workNolan, Michael
Health services reform. (response to articles in Health Policy Studies No. 5, 1994)Sociology and social workPlant, Paul
Incomes in retirement in the UK: changes in the debate since 1996 and prospects for the future.Sociology and social workHutton, Sandra
Learning in the third age. (senior-citizen students at the Open University)Sociology and social workGlendenning, Frank
Medicine in society. (health-care delivery costs and the National Health Service)Sociology and social workEvans, J. Grimley
Pension reform in Latin America.Sociology and social workBarrientos, Armando
Professional and political influence on resource allocation for older people. (papers presented in special issue of Ageing & Society, vol. 15, part 2, June 1995)Sociology and social workWarnes, Anthony M.
Progress report: research in the biology of ageing. (aging as a necessary, genetically evolutionary process)Sociology and social workRose, Michael R., Phelan, John P.
Religion and old age.Sociology and social workVincent, John, Davie, Grace
Reply to commentaries: facts, values, ideologies and ageing. (papers presented in special issue of Ageing & Society, vol. 15, part 2, June 1995)Sociology and social workCallahan, Daniel
Social policy.Sociology and social workWarren, Lorna
Sociological resarch on age: legacy and challenge: a comment.(response to article by M.W. Riley and J.W. Riley in this issue, p. 123)Sociology and social workAndersson, Lars
The case of Alzheimer disease. (papers presented in special issue of Ageing & Society, vol. 15, part 2, June 1995)Sociology and social workPost, Stephen G.
The emergence of the person in dementia research.(Progress Report)Sociology and social workDowns, Murna
The history of old age in the Western World.Sociology and social workTroyansky, David
The law and elderly people. (response to Ruth Lavery and Laura Lundy, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, vol. 3, p. 313, 1994; and to Stephen Cragg, Legal Action, vol. 8, April 1994)Sociology and social workPurvis, Ian
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