American Journal of Small Business - Abstracts

American Journal of Small Business
A comparison of insurance and pension plans in large and small firms.Business, generalSutton, Nancy A.
A comparison of women in small and large companies.Business, generalAnderson, Robert L., Anderson, Kathleen P.
Advancing small business research: utilizing research from other areas.Business, generalSexton, Donald L.
Age effects on managerial compensation in small firms.Business, generalCooley, Philip L., Edwards, Charles E.
Alcoholism, drug abuse, job stress: what small business can do.Business, generalMilbourn, Gene Jr.
A marketing strategy analysis of small retailers.Business, generalLaForge, Raymond W., Fiorito, Susan S.
An analysis of the work roles of CEOs of small firms. (chief executive officers in small business enterprises)Business, generalCastaldi, Richard M.
An idea whose time had come: productivity - the international perspective.Business, generalHiggins, Virginia A.
A research agenda for computers and small business.Business, generalCooley, Philip L., Walz, Daniel T., Walz, Diane B.
Bank involvement with export trading companies.Business, generalDe Noble, Alex F., Belch, Michael A.
Britain's efforts to stimulate productivity in small business.Business, generalThompson, John
Can your small company acquire resources as favorably as the large company?Business, generalFinley, Lawrence
Computers in small business: a case of under-utilization.Business, generalMassey, Tom K., Jr.
Controlling new product development in the small technology-based firm.Business, generalBoag, David A., Rinholm, Brenda L.
Decision Analysis for Small Business.Business, generalDianich, D.F., Gupta, J.N.D.
Do women entrepreneurs require different training?Business, generalSaunders, Peter, Birley, Sue, Moss, Caroline
Employment-at-will: a legal area that merits attention for the small business person.Business, generalHoloviak, Stephen J., Weigle, Jerry, Bright, Thomas
Entrepreneurial research: Are we playing the correct game?Business, generalBrockhaus, Robert H., Sr.
Entrepreneurial research: Are we playing the correct game?Business, generalBrockhaus, Robert H., Sr.
Entrepreneurial research: old questions, new answers and methodological issues.Business, generalDunkelberg, William C., Cooper, Arnold C.
Entrepreneurship and black capitalism.Business, generalVan Fleet, Ella W., Van Fleet, David D.
Entrepreneurship and small business research: an historical typology and directions for future research.Business, generalIreland, R. Duane, Van Auken, Philip M.
Entrepreneurship: process and abilities.Business, generalOlson, Philip D.
Entrepreneurs - mentors, networks, and successful new venture development: an exploratory study.Business, generalChurchill, Neil C.
Export expansion and small business productivity.Business, generalChase, H. Charles
Human resource compensation and maintenance practices.Business, generalAmba-Rao, Sita C., Pendse, Dilip
Impact of counseling on small business performance.Business, generalRocha, Joseph R. Jr., Khan, M. Riaz
Improving new venture performance: some guidelines for success.Business, generalHofer, Charles W., Sandberg, William R.
Improving sales performance in a family-owned business.Business, generalVerdin, Jo Ann
Information sources used for strategic planning decisions in small firms.Business, generalSpecht, Pamela Hammers
Interstate banking and small business finance: implications from available evidence.Business, generalRose, John T.
Labor Market Segmentation in Small Business?Business, generalSchmidt, K.H.
Levels of assurance.Business, generalCardegna, Thomas F., Martin, Charles L. Jr., Weimer, Roderick D.
Management Practices of Successful Female Business Owners.Business, generalCuba, R., DeCenzo, D., Anish, A.
Microcomputers and the SBI Program. (Small Business Institute)Business, generalLemos, Ronald S.
Non-market-based transfers of wealth and power: a research framework for family businesses.Business, generalHatten, Kenneth J., Churchill, Neil C.
Non-market-based transfers of wealth and power: a research framework for family businesses.Business, generalHatten, Kenneth J., Churchill, Neil C.
Operations management and financial performance.Business, generalRiggs, Walter E., Bracker, Jeffrey S.
Perceived causes of success in small business.Business, generalIbrahim, A.B., Goodwin, J.R.
Perception of entrepreneurial success characteristics.Business, generalKuratko, Donald F., Montagno, Ray V., Scarcella, Joseph H.
Personnel Practices in Smaller Firms: A Survey and Recommendations.Business, generalMcEvoy, G.M.
Planning activities related to independent retail firm performance.Business, generalRobinson, Richard B., Jr., Logan, John E., Salem, Moragea Y., Pearce, John A., II
Planning practices of small-scale retailers.Business, generalGable, Myron, Topol, Martin T.
Power, conflict and satisfaction: perceptions of shopping center based small retailers.Business, generalDart, Jack
Productivity in small business: an analysis using African data.Business, generalThurik, A. Roy
Productivity in the small business sector, 1965-1976.Business, generalLegler, John B., Hoy, Frank
Purchasing and the small firm.Business, generalDollinger, Marc J., Kolchin, Michael G.
Quality of working life and the self-employed manager.Business, generalNaughton, Thomas J.
Quasi-boards - guidance without governance.Business, generalFox, Harold W.
Screening practices of new business incubators: the evaluation of critical success factors.Business, generalIreland, R. Duane, Lumpkin, James R.
Should the SBDC program be dismantled? (Small Business Development Centers)Business, generalPelham, Alfred M.
Small business acceptance of foreign sales corporation incentives.Business, generalO'Keefe, W. Timothy
Small Business and Title VII: Combining Subsidiary Units for Jurisdiction.Business, generalNovitt, M.S.
Small Business Management Assistance: A University Experience in a Rural Environment.Business, generalHoloviak, S.J., Acklesberg, R.
Small exporters and stages of development: an empirical study.Business, generalVozikis, George S., Mescon, Timothy S.
Strategic versus operational planning in small retail firms.Business, generalRobinson, Richard B., Jr., Logan, John E., Salem, Moragea Y.
Strategies for introducing change in the small business.Business, generalNew, J. Randolph
Strategy, structure, CEO personality and performance in small firms.Business, generalMiller, Danny, Toulouse, Jean-Marie
Tax rates in small and large firms.Business, generalSingh, Davinder, Wilder, Ronald P., Chan, Kok Poh
The contingency plan - how to profit from opportunities created by others.Business, generalSonfield, Matthew C.
The educated entrepreneurs: a new era of entrepreneurial education is beginning.Business, generalRonstadt, Robert
The educated entrepreneurs: a new era of entrepreneurial education is beginning.Business, generalRonstadt, Robert
The human resource factor in small business decision making.Business, generalKhan, M. Riaz, Rocha, Joseph R., Jr.
The impact of attitudes and experience on small business computer use.Business, generalNickell, Gary S., Seado, Paul C.
The impact of managerial attitudes on export behavior.Business, generalKedia, Ben L., Chhokar, Jagdeep
The Meaning of Entrepreneurship.Business, generalLong, W.
The most critical problem for the fledgling small business: getting sales.Business, generalStephenson, Harriet Buckman
The role of incubators in small business planning.Business, generalFry, Fred L.
The theory and practice of strategic management in smaller rapid growth firms.Business, generalShuman, Jeffrey C., Seeger, John A.
The transition to professional management: mission impossible.Business, generalHofer, Charles W., Charan, Ram
The yellow pages as an advertising tool for small businesses.Business, generalParasuraman, A., Jackson, Ralph W.
Toward a theory of small firm performance: a conceptual model.Business, generalBracker, Jeffrey S., Keats, Barbara W.
Using subjective evaluations of organizational performance in small business research.Business, generalSmith, Ken G., Sapienza, Harry J., Gannon, Martin J.
What export trading companies mean to small business. (column)Business, generalStoner, Charles R., Arora, Rajinder S.
"Who is an entrepreneur?" is a question worth asking.Business, generalHoy, Frank, Carland, James W., Carland, Jo Ann C.
"Who is an entrepreneur?" is the wrong question.Business, generalGartner, William B.
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