Annual Review of Sex Research - Abstracts

Annual Review of Sex Research
Adaptive design, female mate preferences, and shifts across the menstrual cycle.Psychology and mental healthGangestad, Steven W., Cousins, Alita J.
Alfred C. Kinsey and the politics of sex research.Psychology and mental healthBancroft, John
Another decade of social scientific work on sex work: a review of research, 1990-2000.Psychology and mental healthVanwesenbeeck, Ine
"A shine on the nose": Sexual metaphors in Surrealism.Psychology and mental healthTaylor, Sue
Assessment of condom use in men and women.Psychology and mental healthGraham, C.A., Crosby, R.A., Sanders, S.A., Yarber, W.L.
A systematic review of the literature on female sexual dysfunction prevalence and predictors.Psychology and mental healthWest, Suzanne L., Zolnoun, Denniz, Vinikoor, Lisa C.
Beyond the male condom: the evolution of gender-specific HIV interventions for women.Psychology and mental healthHoffman, Susie, Ehrhardt, Anke A., Exner, Theresa, M., Dworkin, Shari L.
Birth order and sibling sex ratio in homosexual versus heterosexual males and females.Psychology and mental healthBlanchard, Ray
Bisexuality and HIV risk: experiences in Canada and the United States.Psychology and mental healthMyers, Ted, Doll, Linda, Kennedy, Meaghan, Allman, Dan
Body of work: Sexuality in recent American drama.Psychology and mental healthPaul, John Steven
Cannabinoids, reproduction and sexual behavior.Psychology and mental healthGorzalka, Boris B., Hill, Matthew N.
Central nervous system pathways involved in the control of penile erection.Psychology and mental healthMcKenna, Kevin E.
Clinical ethnography and sexual culture.Psychology and mental healthHerdt, Gilbert
Cognitive mediation of women's sexual decision making: The influence of alcohol, contextual factors, and background variables.Psychology and mental healthNorris, Jeanette, Masters, N. Tatiana, Zawacki, Tina
Desegregating sexuality research: cultural and biological perspectives on gender and desire.Psychology and mental healthTolman, Debroah L., Diamond, Lisa M.
Does alcohol lead to sexual risk behavior? Findings from event-level research.Psychology and mental healthCarey, Michael P., Weinhardt, Lance S.
Empirically validated treatment for sexual dysfunction.Psychology and mental healthHeiman, Julia R., Meston, Cindy M.
Erectile dysfunction: Science and medicine.Psychology and mental healthBurnett, Arthur L.
Evaluating sexual science: problems and prospects.Psychology and mental healthReiss, Ira L.
Functional MRI of the brain during orgasm in women.Psychology and mental healthKomisaruk, Barry R., Whipple, Beverly
Genetics of sexual development.Psychology and mental healthVilain, Eric
Global transformations and intimate relations in the 21st century: Social science research on sexuality and the emergence of sexual health and sexual rights frameworks.Psychology and mental healthParker, Richard, di Mauro, Dianne, Filiano, Beth, Garcia, Jonathan, Munoz-Laboy, Miguel, Sember, Robert
Group sex, sex change, and parasitic males: sexual strategies among the fishes and their neurobiological correlates.Psychology and mental healthBlack, M.P., Grober, M.S.
How do pharmaceutical companies approach data from sexual health studies for regulatory agencies?Psychology and mental healthDilleen, Maria, Haughie, Scott
Human sex differences in sexual psychology and behavior.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthOkami, Paul, Shackelford, Todd K.
Interpreting femal genital cutting: moving beyond impasse.Psychology and mental healthLeonard, Lori
Intersexuality and gender identity defferentiation.Psychology and mental healthZucker, Kenneth J.
Men's bodies, men's minds: seminal emissions and sexual anxiety in the Middle Ages.Psychology and mental healthMurray, Jacqueline
Neural plasticity and the development of sex differences.Psychology and mental healthJuraska, Janice M.
Neuroanatomy and physiology of ejaculation.Psychology and mental healthGiuliano, Francois, Clement, Pierre
Oral contraceptives and libido in women.Psychology and mental healthDavis, Anne R., Castano, Paula M.
Pedophilia and sexual offenses against children.Psychology and mental healthSeto, Michael C.
Pornography and sexual aggression: are there reliable effects and can we understand them?Psychology and mental healthMalamuth, Neil M., Addison, Tamara, Koss, Mary P.
Premature ejaculation: psychophysiological considerations in theory, research, and treatment.Psychology and mental healthRowland, David L., Slob, A. Koos
Problems with sexuality after sexual assault.Psychology and mental healthvan Berlo, Willy, Ensink, Bernardine
Psychological outcome in children with disorders of sex development: Implications for treatment and understanding typical development.Psychology and mental healthBerenbaum, Sheri A.
Regression strategies for analyzing the study and pharmacological treatment of sexual response: ANOVA and beyond.Psychology and mental healthRowland, David L., Thornton, James, A.
Revisiting the concept of sexual motivation.Psychology and mental healthPfaus, James G.
Role of the medial preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus in the control of masculine sexual behavior.Psychology and mental healthParedes, Raul G., Baum, Michael J.
Satisfaction in marriage and committed heterosexual relationships: Past, present and future.Psychology and mental healthMcCabe, Marita P.
Sex, social institutions, and social structure: anthropological contributions to the study of sexuality.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthManderson, Lenore, Bennett, Linda Rae, Sheldrake, Michelle
Sexual arousal: Its physiological roles in human reproduction.Psychology and mental healthLevin, Roy J.
Sexual behavior and illicit drug use.Psychology and mental healthRoss, Michael, Williams, Mark L.
Sexual behavior in same-sexed nonhuman primates: is it relevant to understanding human homosexuality?Psychology and mental healthWallen, Kim, Parsons, William A.
Sexual harassment.Psychology and mental healthSbraga, Tamara Penix, O'Donohue, William
Sexuality and late modernity.Psychology and mental healthSchmidt, Gunter
Sexuality, culture, and political economy: recent developments in anthropological and cross-cultural sex research.Psychology and mental healthParker, Richard, Easton, Delia
Sexuality, gender, and the couple: a sociohistorical perspective.Psychology and mental healthBozon, Michel
Sexual orientation and personality.Psychology and mental healthLippa, Richard A.
Sexual problems in gay men: an overview of empirical research.Psychology and mental healthSandfort, Theo G.M., de Keizer, Marius
Sexual selection and the comparative anatomy of reproduction in monkeys, apes, and human beings.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthDixson, Alan, Anderson, Matthew
Sexual selection and the evolution of visually conspicuous sexually dimorphic traits in male monkeys, apes, and human beings.Psychology and mental healthDixson, Alan, Anderson, Matthew, Dixson, Barnaby
Sexual therapy in the age of pharmacotherapy.Psychology and mental healthAlthof, Stanley E.
Strategies in the treatment of paraphilias: A critical review.Psychology and mental healthMarshall, W.L., Marshall, L.E., Serran, G.A.
The adult life course and homosexual identity in midlife gay men.Psychology and mental healthKertzner, Robert M.
The development of sexual orientation in women.Psychology and mental healthPeplau, Letitia Anne, Spalding, Leah R., Conley, Terri D., Veniegas, Rosemary C.
The effect of hysterectomy on sexual functioning.Psychology and mental healthMaas, Cornelis, P., Weijenborg, Philomeen Th.M., ter Kuile, Moniek M.
The experience of sexual emotions.Psychology and mental healthEveraerd, Walter, Both, Stephanie, Laan, Ellen
The Japanese quail as a model system for the investigation of steroid-catecholamine interactions mediating appetitive and consummatory aspects of male sexual behavior.Psychology and mental healthBalthazart, Jacques, Ball, Gregory F.
The menopause and sexual functioning: a review of the population-based studies.Psychology and mental healthDennerstein, Lorraine, Alexander, Jeanne L., Kotz, Krista
The sexual pain disorders: is the pain sexual or is the sex painful?Psychology and mental healthBinik, Yitzchak M., Meana, Marta, Berkley, Karen, Khalife, Samir
The sexual revictimization of women and men sexually abused as children: a review of the literature.Psychology and mental healthMuehlenhard, Charlene L., Highby, Barrie J., Lee, Rachel S., Bryan, Tamara S., Dodrill, Wendy A.
Understanding acute alcohol effects on sexual behavior.Psychology and mental healthGeorge, William H., Stoner, Susan A.
Understanding and promoting sexual and reproductive health behavior: theory and method.Psychology and mental healthFisher, William A., Fisher, Jeffrey D.
What can animal models tell us about human sexual response?Psychology and mental healthPfaus, James G., Kippin, Tod E., Coria-Avila, Genaro
What ever happened to ritualized homosexuality? Modern sexual subjects in Melanesia and elsewhere.Psychology and mental healthKnauft, Bruce M.
Whither menstrual synchrony?Psychology and mental healthMcClintock, Martha K.
Women at risk for HIV from a primary partner: balancing risk and intimacy.Psychology and mental healthO'Leary, Ann
Women's orgasm.Psychology and mental healthHeiman, Julia R., Meston, Cindy M., Levin, Roy J., Hull, Elaine M., Sipski, Marca L.
Women's sexual strategies: The evolution of long-term bonds and extrapair sex.Psychology and mental healthPillsworth, Elizabeth G., Haselton, Martie G.
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