Archaeology 1992 - Abstracts

Archaeology 1992
All about Eve. (African origins of humanity)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
Cemetery of statues: a shipment of bronze body parts surfaces in the Adriatic. (Roman bronze statues)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreLattanzi, Giovanni
Christopher Columbus: the movie.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreKeegan, William F.
Day of the dead. (modern survivals of Moche burial customs)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreVreeland, James M., Jr.
Doomed by natural disaster. (destruction of the Moche capital)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMoseley, Michael E., Richardson, James B., III
Finding the tomb of a Moche priestess. (first-millennium Peruvian culture)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreDonnan, Christopher B., Castillo, Luis Jaime
Historic messages. (recent petroglyphs and pictographs in New Mexico; Special Photography Section)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreNeary, John
Inside the royal tombs of the Moche. (first-millennium Peruvian culture) (Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
The ancient Americas: art from sacred landscapes. (Art Institute of Chicago exhibition)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreTownsend, Richard
The caves at Ajanta. (Buddhist monastery in western India)(includes related articles)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSpink, Walter M.
Turkey's Sephardic heritage. (synagogues in Istanbul's Balat quarter)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHarrington, Spencer P.M.
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