Audio-Visual Communications - Abstracts

Audio-Visual Communications
AMI today - state of the association report.Mass communicationsGordon, Roger L.
Animating the indescribable. (Computergraphics)Mass communications 
Argument and action.Mass communicationsSage, David
AV education: careers for media grads.Mass communicationsWardwell, Doug
Before you begin .... whether or not the audio-visual project succeeds may often depend more on the basic assumptions (and questions) about the presentation's need than on how the production is executed.Mass communicationsBennett, John
Better business through creative freedom.Mass communicationsGray, Ed
Changing your image. (transfer process)Mass communicationsGates, Michael
Coming attractions. (future of audio-visual communications)Mass communicationsKnight, Kirk H.
Dealing for dollars. (audio-visual equipment rental and sales companies)Mass communicationsFriedlander, Steven
Dollars and sense - multi-image or video?Mass communicationsBarber, Susanna
Getting graphic.Mass communicationsDavis, Robert H.
Guidelines for production. (AV media)Mass communicationsRambasek, Patricia
Middlemen's ups and downs.Mass communicationsDeistler, Carol
Producing the ultimate special effect - success. (multi-image)Mass communicationsJones, Rich, Restuccia, Dave
Remembering rock and roll.Mass communications 
Set to soar into the '80s. (audio- and videoconferencing)Mass communicationsDeister, Carol
Shooting for the screen.Mass communicationsLemmon, Byron
The act of creation. (learning to think creatively)Mass communicationsDavis, Robert H.
The advantages of audiographic teleconferencing.Mass communicationsClark, Joanne
The making of an award winner. (The Cymbalist Search Saga)Mass communicationsDoyle, Daniel G.
The medium is not the message.Mass communicationsRappaport, George
The origins of I-Tech. (instructional technology)Mass communicationsStacey, John W.
They write the songs. (original music to enhance corporate communications)Mass communicationsFriedlander, Steven
Toast of the town. (Sixth annual Visual Communications Congress-East)Mass communicationsDeistler, Carol
What every client should know.Mass communicationsChristensen, Murry C.
Who's who in AV presentation.Mass communications 
Your 1983 hit parade: for most music libraries, business is still booming.Mass communicationsIsacson, Patricia
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