Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1999 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1999
A century of regress or progress? A political history of bankruptcy legislation in 1898 and 1998.(100 Years of Bankruptcy: Looking Forward by Looking Back)LawTabb, Charles Jordan
An awkward interplay between the Codes: the role of I.R.C. s. 121 in consumer, Chapter 7 bankruptcy.LawKennedy, Erich T.
A tribute to the honorable William L. Norton, Jr.(bankruptcy judge)(includes 2 testimonials)LawShapiro, Keith J., Blanchard, Gerald L.
Calling a fraud a fraud: why Congress should not adopt a uniform cap on homestead exemptions.(bankruptcy law)LawShames, Leslie A.
Forum shopping in business bankruptcy: an examination of Chapter 11 cases.LawMasterson, Leslie R.
From jeans to genes: the evolving nature of property of the estate.(100 Years of Bankruptcy: Looking Forward by Looking Back)LawDickerson, A. Mechele
In re Bacon: the extent of a debtor-tenant's right in public housing under s. 525(a) of the anti-discrimination clause.LawSiragusa, Dana C.
In re Munford and the trustee in bankruptcy: should Georgia's distribution statute apply to leveraged buyouts?LawSilverman, Jesse N.
Offshore asset protection trusts: testing the limits of judicial tolerance in estate planning.LawLee, David C.
Of the latest attempted revisions to the Bankruptcy Code: Can they really change anything?LawTravis, Vicki W.
One hundred years of bankruptcy law and still clinging to an In rem model of bankruptcy jurisdiction.(100 Years of Bankruptcy: Looking Forward by Looking Back)LawBrubaker, Ralph
Ordinary business terms: ending the debate surrounding s. 547(c)(2)(C).(bankruptcy law)LawMinetti, Ryan B.
Single and bankrupt: what right does a debtor have to marry?LawDe Gregorio, Alison Nicole
Strange subordinations: correcting bankruptcy's s. 501(b).(subordination of claims from purchase of securities)LawGeorgakopoulos, Nicholas L.
The genius of the 1898 Bankruptcy Act.(100 Years of Bankruptcy: Looking Forward by Looking Back)LawSkeel, David A., Jr.
The sub rosa plan of reorganization: side-stepping creditor protections in Chapter 11.(bankruptcy law)LawSloane, Craig A.
The treatment of retrospectively rated insurace policies in bankruptcy.LawLedwin, Mark G.
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